The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor by Paula Quinn

The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor by Paula Quinn
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (363 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Camellia


Known for her beauty and boldness, Abigail MacGregor must preserve her clan’s dangerous secret: that her mother is the true heir to the English Crown. If the wrong people find out, it will mean war for her beloved Scotland. To keep peace, she embarks for London, unprepared for the treachery that awaits—especially from her wickedly handsome escort. He is the enemy, but his slow, sensuous kisses entice her beyond reason…


General Daniel Marlow, loyal knight and the kingdom’s most desirable hero, would rather be on the battlefield than transporting a spoiled Highland lass. But Abby MacGregor is unlike any woman he’s ever met, in a ballroom or in his bedroom. Captivated by her daring spirit and seduced by her lovely innocence, Daniel must choose between betraying his queen or giving up the woman who would steal his country—and his traitorous heart.

This novel, vibrant, captivating, action-packed, and crackling with sexual tension, takes the reader on a journey from Skye, Scotland to Queen Anne’s court in London with some terrifying side trips.

Abigail MacGregor travels with an escort headed by Captain General Daniel Marlow, Earl of Darlington, and Knight of the Most Noble Oder of the Garter, favorite of Queen Anne of England AND killer of Jacobites, of which Abigail and her clan are listed. She is a startling beauty and no shrinking violet. Her longtime desire is to be chief of her clan when her father steps down. She is determined to take the place of her weak, convalescing mother, Davina, when the queen orders her to come to court.

Paula Quinn’s remarkable, beautiful writing style pulls the reader into the action, emotions, intrigues, cruelty, and machinations of ambitious, self-serving characters immediately. It seems as if one is traveling right along with the characters, caught up in the atmosphere of the Highlands, the fear, and a multitude of other emotions.

Abigail holds firm, as she experiences deep fear like she’d never known before. She doesn’t hold os firm when she, later, falls headlong into breathtaking, sensual love that seems hopeless. Passions run high as she and Daniel verbally spar with each other.

Secrets that could wreck havoc on the order of things lie just below the surface and threaten to erupt at anytime as passionate characters, both good and bad, press their own agendas—with killing, manipulating, and doing whatever is necessary to get what they want.

Ms. Quinn weaves rich, historical details into this spellbinding, sizzling romance that highlights responsible, honorable characters, while also weaving in antagonists that send the adrenaline pumping as Abigail and Daniel maneuver their way through vicious attacks from both rebel Scots and English power seekers.

Fiction and facts are seamlessly entwined in this memorable tale that takes the reader from the unique Scottish Highlands to the opulent courts of England during the reign of Queen Anne.

Most important of all The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor is a compelling love story. Excellent and a keeper!

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