The Reluctant Knight by Don Callander


The Reluctant Knight by Don Callander
Mancer Series Book Six
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (232 Pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Talking animals, Wizards, marauding Knights, adventure and magic…

In the aftermath of a battle against The Darkness brought on by the wicked Ice King, Wizards’ High receives a mysterious visitor—a Knight who, after being hit by lightning, cannot remember his name, and neither can his trusty War-horse.

It’s up to Flarman Flowerstalk the Pyromancer, Myrn Manstar Brightglade the Lady Aquamancer, and her husband Douglas Brightglade the younger Master Pyromancer of Wizards’ High, to help the lost Knight.

In their quest to help the Knight, the Wizards travel to the distant land of Sulleña where they uncover a surprising discovery—the answer to an old, unsolved mystery.

Welcome to a magical world where Blue Teakettle prepares excellent food with the help of the other magical household items within Pyromancer Flarman Flowerstalk’s home, which is also home to the Lady Aquamancer, Myrn Manstar Brightglade, and her husband, Douglas Brightglade, also a Pyromancer, and their two, soon to be three, children. They all reside at Wizard’s High, a perfectly charming home where the unusual is the norm, and solving mysteries is a daily occurrence.

The Reluctant Knight is a charming adventure filled with delightful characters. I really enjoyed all the imaginative touches which the author has woven into this tale, and I really wish Blue Teakettle would come visit me. When her wizards go wandering, searching for clues concerning the identity of a lost knight and his faithful steed, Blue Teakettle sends meals magically from the kitchen at Wizard’s High no matter where they are and no matter how many friends they pick up along the way. She may only be a supporting character, but what a wonderful character she is, helpful and capable, with the occasional flashes of temper, disappointed not to go along on the adventure, but fully capable of keeping Wizard’s High perking along even in the absence of her wizards.

The other characters in the novel, whether major or minor, are equally well defined and most enjoyable. The settings are as unique as the characters themselves and one of my favorite scenes was sailing in a boat across the desert, with waves of sand tossing the boat just as if it were on a watery ocean.

The plot is intricate and riveting. Flarman, along with Myrn, Douglas, the Bronze Owl and an otter named Marbleheart, get caught up in several mysteries at once. The unraveling of them will finally reveal the answers they need. There are twists and turns at every corner, but Flarman will not be unraveled. The story is well-paced, fast and exciting.

This is the sixth novel in the Mancer Series, but it also works just fine as a stand alone. Personally, I would recommend the entire series to fantasy lovers in search of extraordinary magic.

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