The Piercer’s Game by Sean Michael

The Piercer’s Game by Sean Michael
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (117 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Fetish (piercings)
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Voted BoM by LASR Readers 2013 copy

Luke sees a lot in his job as a piercer, but for all that, he’s shy and lonely. Can live-in-the-moment Temple open his eyes to life’s pleasures?

Luke’s a piercer and owns a successful business with his tattooing partner. Despite his job and his inked and pierced appearance, Luke is actually quite shy and lonely, not to mention inexperienced. An event from his past has left him unable to open up completely to anyone and it’s easier for him to just keep to himself.

Temple is a cancer survivor, coming up on five years cancer free. He’s travelling across North America on the back of his motorcycle, just going where the wind blows him. Ever since first being diagnosed, he turned into a true believer of living in the moment.

When Temple first turns up at Luke’s shop, Temple is immediately drawn to the quiet piercer. First he’s going to have to convince Luke that there’s something between them…then he’s going to have to work his way past Luke’s defences.

Luke is a piercer and co-owner of his own shop. Temple Garrison comes in for a tattoo, but wants to talk over a few things first. With big, lovely eyes, Luke is more than happy to talk while staring into those depths. The two men end up chatting over a casual meal, and Luke is blown away by Temple’s story. Nearly five years cancer free, the biker wants to celebrate the milestone with some ink. Luke only does piercings, but is happy to steer Temple toward a suitable artist that can help him. And slowly the men realise that the chemistry they both felt upon first shaking hands could lead to something far deeper and more fulfilling than either ever hoped to find.

I have to be honest, I’m a bit of a Sean Michael fangirl. I’ve read a number of the books and basically liked them all. It’s got to the stage whenever I come across any of Sean Michael’s work I snap it up quickly. This book was no exception. If you enjoy the story-telling voice, you’ll love this book too, I feel sure. But onto nitty gritty details. I really enjoyed how Temple was nothing like your usual style of hero. A vegan biker who has beaten cancer. I never would have expected to write that as a description of a hero I really enjoyed. And yet it works, totally. Luke is a well-pierced man and gets caught up in Temple’s brand of charming crazy. And I found myself totally swept away by them both together.

I just loved watching them come together, even with Luke being understandably hesitant at first with how quickly it was all happening. But Temple is completely irresistible. And with lines like “I like being your unusual” – how could one not get caught up in the moment? There’s plenty of talk and description about piercings (multiple regular ones – ears, face, nipples, and a number of more intimate ones too), so if this will bother you then I’d suggest reading something else. But I found the scenes were tenderly and tastefully written and while I don’t have a fetish about piercings, I found myself really enjoying the full scope of the erotic scenes and not at all bothered by the various pieces of body art.

This book is full of emotion. Temple has his own brand of baggage, and while completely positive and whimsical in his outlook on life, his scrape with cancer has changed him – for the better. Luke also has his own history and problems to overcome. A terrible end to a relationship ten years ago has also changed him. Together the men not only come together, but become what they each need to find. While sensual and incredibly erotic, this is mostly an emotional, romantic, sexy tale that I eagerly devoured. A wonderful story I can strongly recommend to everyone and one I can’t wait to reread as soon as possible.

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