The Officer Breaks the Rules by Jeanette Murray


The Officer Breaks the Rules by Jeanette Murray
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (336 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

Some Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

He’s Ruled by Loyalty…

Every man knows that you don’t date your best friend’s little sister, but Captain Jeremy Phillips can’t seem to be convince Madison O’Shay to stay away. And he can’t convince himself to stop thinking about her, either.

She’s Ruled by Love…

Madison knows exactly what she wants…and whom. But she won’t give up her career in the Navy for any man, not even Jeremy.

They’re both about to learn that in the game of love, it’s all about breaking the rules.

Jeremy has never been one for breaking the rules, then again he has never had anything like Madison to tempt him to break them. With a little persistence and some creativity Madison knows she can get Jeremy to let go of some of that control he holds on to so tightly and take a chance on breaking the rules.

Jeremy is as honorable and controlled as they come. It is what helped to make him a good marine; one that his father can be proud of. His loyalty to his family legacy has driven him to great distances in his life, even at the expense of his own happiness. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Jeremy because of the way his father seemed to brainwash him into believing he did Jeremy a favor in raising him. At times I felt so passionate about Jeremy’s position that I wish I could reach through the book and shake him so he could realize that he needed to live his life for himself and not for what his best friend and father may think. It is what also made me feel emotionally attached to the storyline and want to read the story to see if Jeremy ever truly found his happiness.

Madison is a girl after my own heart. Yes, she was responsible, caring, helpful and all the things that people want her to be. She also has a fun and exciting side of her that makes her appreciate life in a way that many cannot. It is what also allows her to push for what she wants out of life, and right now what she wants is Jeremy. She just needs to try and help in get out of his own way realize that no matter the odds they can make their relationship work as long as they are willing to fight for it.

Not only were the main characters in this story intriguing, but it featured some interesting supporting characters as well. Tim is a character that really stuck out to me, that I wanted to learn more about. I could tell he had a passion for life I would find refreshing and entertaining. Tim is another character I enjoyed getting to know. Especially when he discovered his best friend was sleeping with his sister. I couldn’t help but smile as I seen the scene play out in front of my eyes.

The relationship development within this story was consistent. At times I wish I could have given it a little bit of nudge because it seemed too steady. That is one of the reasons I found the supporting characters so important, because they really helped to push the story line along in a way that the main characters couldn’t.

I will say that this character driven story piqued my interest enough for me to want to read additional stories in the series, especially if they help the other characters to find love.

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