The Mountain by Matthew C. Lucas

The Mountain by Matthew C. Lucas
Publisher: Montag Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Chamomile

In the mountain…

Lillia Tanner’s dream of becoming a commissar has turned into a nightmare. Voices in the darkness whisper rebellion against the Commonwealth she is sworn to serve. And Lillia feels compelled to heed their call.

King Elon has found a new faith for his dying people. But the old gods are still cherished. The cult of his heretic goddess is beckoning him to a crusade in the dark of the Mountain and a civil war in his realm.

Judge Jonathan Acacia keeps a semblance of order in the workers’ quarter. Caught between his family’s political intrigues, the cruel laws he must administer, and a demon of addiction, the darkness he contends against will either embrace Jonathan or devour him.

The dark is coming to life. War is coming with it.

And there is nowhere to hide in the Mountain.

Rich in detail, filled with intriguing lore and world-building, The Mountain by Matthew C. Lucas is an unforgettable and imaginative Fantasy lover’s dream!

This is one of those that remind me of the classics while still bringing something unique and original to the fantasy world. The Mountain has a wonderful balance of complex and morally grey characters who all have their own hopes and desires that get wonderfully messy as things begin to tangle and unravel in unexpected ways!

From the start, we see the depth of detail that makes this genre really come to life, and I loved how easy this one was to picture and how delightfully dark the theme was while still maintaining a good sense of purpose and plot throughout.

Definitely an unforgettable read and one I highly recommend! I loved meeting these characters and seeing out things turned out in this incredible story!

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