The Mons Connection by Janine R. Pestel

The Mons Connection by Janine R. Pestel
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (46 pages)
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Review by: Astilbe

What they found was more than they came for. Jon Carson, the American military man, Doug “Digger” Johnson, The American archaeologist, Kathleen Doolan, the Irish physician and Mikhail Borznekhov, the Russian military man / biologist came to Mars to look for signs of life at Olympus Mons. What brought them there was something found at a dig in Egypt.

Follow them as they explore the area around Olympus Mons and then, finally, enter the mountain itself and unlock the hidden, secret mystery of what awaits them. They discovered what Olympus Mons has to do with ancient Earth history…will you?

The only thing better than being the first people to step onto a planet is getting to do it in order to answer a question that no one has figured out so far.

I was mesmerized by the descriptions of what it would be like to walk around on Mars. Everything about this planet was described in such vivid detail that I felt like I was there myself. It was especially interesting to see what Ms. Pestel imagined the weather was like. This is something I’ve wondered about myself, so it was fun to compare my mental images of a typical Martian forecast with what the author thought about them.

There were some pacing issues. The beginning was quite slow while the ending moved by rapidly. I would have been happy with either writing style, but combining them into the same tale didn’t work well for me. It was odd to go from a quiet, contemplative beginning to later scenes where many things were happening simultaneously and I had to leap from one revelation to the next without having much time to think about them.

The camaraderie among the four crew members made me smile. I enjoyed watching them prepare for their big mission. John, Doug, Kathleen, and Mikhail were an effective team, and it showed in how naturally they treated each other. From their arguments to their running jokes, they genuinely felt like a group of astronauts who had already spent a great deal of time training and traveling together.

The Mons Connection should be read by anyone who has ever wished they could explore the red planet.

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