The Midnight Before Me by Elizabeth Lo

The Midnight Before Me by Elizabeth Lo
Publisher: Westbrook Publishing
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Young Adult
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Alstroemeria


My name is Midnight Thunder. The town crazy person; the Demon Eyes girl. The girl whose existence rests on a curse that saves her from death yet sets her on a path to an inevitable end.

I live in a world full of magic: spells, curses, enchantments, and everything in between. It would be a whimsical place, but, like anything, it’s imperfect. Little by little, my own country has begun to fall apart beneath its own mistakes. The queen’s gone a little bit more than mad, our military has collapsed, and of course, the only way to break the deadly curse at the root of it all is to sacrifice… me.

Midnight Thunder is just a girl who wants a simple life, and her picture of happiness is just a tree where she and her brother Black used to spend a lot of time together. But can her “Demon Eyes” that have been the reason for her isolation from society, suddenly become the solution to her finding true happiness? The Midnight Before Me seeks to answer the age-old question, “What makes life worth living?”
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The plot of this story is so emotionally driven for a group of main characters that would have you believe they have given up hope on finding their meaning. This emotion powers through and pushes our characters together, making the anticipation for things to come truly agonizing when it comes time to finally put down the book and go to sleep.

Each chapter gives us the perspective of a different character, which brings the story such energy and depth, helping the readers be in two places at once and worrying about outcomes for all of the characters involved rather than just Midnight.

Lafayette is a troubled soldier, but the interactions between him and Midnight fill the novel with a warm life that would be missing otherwise. Their unspoken bond connects the readers to the story, and gives new meaning to “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

Midnight and Lafayette live in an entirely unique fantasy world of magicians and non-magical beings that is put together in a way I have never seen before in the world of Fantasy. Each of these qualities act as interchanging parts that bring suspense to the reader making them question how every aspect fits into the story.

Desperate for a happy outcome The Midnight Before Me was written so thoughtfully by Elizabeth Lo that it has me caring for each character and wondering what their lives are like after the end of the novel.

This is an excellent story for young adults and children alike, filled with lessons of finding one’s true purpose, living life to the fullest, and not being afraid of the things that make us different. It is in these qualities where our true power lies, and as an adult I am thankful to have been reminded of their importance in my life. You will not regret picking up a copy for yourself and letting Midnight Thunder show you that it should not take death to teach you how to live.


  1. Elizabeth Lo says

    Thank you so much for your review of my book! I appreciate how thorough and comprehensive it is.

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