The Inventors Game by Demetrius Sherman

The Inventors Game by Demetrius Sherman
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (27 pages)
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

A writer gets an idea that could get him killed. Dr. Ormond Sacker is a writer who meets a strange but brilliant young detective. When the sleuth goes on a hunt for a missing inventor, the doctor joins him. A case to write about, Sacker thinks. But things turn deadly when the two come face to face with killers.

Sometimes there can be serious consequences for sticking your nose into other people’s business.

What I liked the most about Mr. Sherman’s writing style was how vivid it was. Whether he was talking about blood seeping out of a fresh corpse or the dull appearance of a old building, I felt like I was standing alongside the characters and experiencing what they were experiencing every step of the way.

The storyline was hard to follow at times because of how much information the author was trying to pack into the plot. There were times when I had to stop and reread a scene in order to get some idea of what the narrator was trying to hint it. While I appreciated how subtle and complex the clues were, I would have liked to have more time to absorb them. Everything happened so quickly and with so little explanation that I had trouble keeping up with the latests twists in the case.

I was fascinated by the dialogue for two reasons. The first one was that all of the main characters had completely unique speaking styles. The second one was that the characters didn’t speak out loud a great deal, so when they did start conversations I paid close attention to what they were talking about. Every word that passed through their mouths was important. It didn’t take long for me to realize who was talking and what they were trying to say even before I finished reading their dialogue.

Give The Inventor’s Game if you’re interested in a modern take on an old classic.

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