The Holman Files: Not a Bit of Blarney by Lance Brandson


The Holman Files: Not a Bit of Blarney by Lance Brandson
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (191 pages)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Mr. O’Sullivan, the leprechaun president of the Shamrock Savings and Loan, has gone missing, and Detective Tom Holman suspects trouble. When Holman is called to investigate a robbery at the Gnomish Wonder Works, a techno-magical research facility where gnomes create devices of astounding powers — and equally astounding unreliability — he realizes how dire the peril has become. The stolen article is a Starstone, the essential component for the rainbow inverter, which alone can save the world from imminent demonic invasion. Now he must trust Mr. O’Malley, a leprechaun he once put in prison, to lead him into the realm of Iridar, where the two must find a dragon and somehow convince it to help them locate another Starstone. Poor Holman. Who knew that rainbows could be so dangerous?

Humans now share the world with the “Folk”. Portals to other dimensions allow the Folk to come and go at will. Faeries live in the park, a leprechaun is in charge of the bank and gnomes have the most advanced research center on the planet. Detective Holman is the one to call when there’s a problem concerning the “Folk”. His job gets busier when dwarves start disappearing, the leprechaun bank manager vanishes and the faeries’ sacred tree is destroyed. He asks the gnomes for help and discovers an evil demon race is trying to enter Earth through the faeries’ tree portal.

The gnomes need to regain their stolen Starstone but an attempt to recover it ends in its destruction. Holman is charged with the task of travelling to the dragons’ world to ask for their help in obtaining another Starstone. Unfortunately the only one who can help him in this task is the leprechaun O’Malley who Holman put in prison for embezzlement. The pair ride the rainbow to another world where they find all manner of beings and problems obstructing their way before they even reach the dragons.

Most books involving faeries, dwarves, gnomes and ogres have humans who don’t believe in such things. “Not a Bit of Blarney” has the Folk living alongside humans and in many cases trading commercially with them. This unusual slant caught my attention and I was not disappointed. Detective Holman took me from a threatened Earth over a rainbow to a country full of humans, hags, ghosts and of course dragons. The book is well written and my attention was riveted on the story at all times.

I found this approach to the fantasy paranormal quite unique and thoroughly enjoyed the journey through the dragon planet. The author kept the tension going all the way through, even when I thought he’d come to the end, he still had a few surprises up his sleeve. A book with a difference, but very entertaining and an excellent read.

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