The Heiress and the Baby Boom by Lauri Robinson

The Heiress and the Baby Boom by Lauri Robinson
The Osterlund Saga, 2
Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Genre: Historical, Romance
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

From high school enemies…To shotgun wedding!

Growing up, heiress Randi Osterlund found the only person who didn’t care who her parents were was penniless Jason Heim—until a bitter exchange left bad blood between them. Now, years later, Randi needs Jason’s land for a business venture, but the self-made man refuses to sell. There was always something burning between them, and when their arguing turns into one unforgettable night, the consequences risk adding to the ’50s baby boom!

I’ve reviewed several books by Lauri Robison and I don’t recall ever being disappointed. The streak continues.

The hero, Jason, reminded me of Fonzie on the TV show “Happy Days”. Jason was a bit of a rebel when he was a teenager. Reputations and perceptions are difficult to change even over a lengthy period of time.

The heroine, Randi, lived a privileged life. A few people in the community had the perception of her family being rich, snobby people.

Randi and Jason knew each other when they were young, and things didn’t go very well but they are later reunited for a second chance.

It’s the classic rich girl vs. poor boy plot. A plot that I typically love such as the movie, “Pretty in Pink”. Randi felt no one saw her for herself. She was noticed only as a means to an end. People only wanted her for her family’s money. Whereas Jason wasn’t good enough because he was poor and came from a broken family. There’s a brief history between Randi and Jason’s parents over their lands that share a boundary.

All of this is introduced literally in the synopsis. It’s reiterated on the first page and every chapter after that. I enjoyed the story overall, but it came dangerously close to being a head banger. The woe is me I’m rich vs. woe is me I’m poor flowed from beginning to end. That heavy-handedness came close to making me put the book down.

I’m glad that I didn’t give up because there were some good plot twists that ended up happening and they kept my interest in the book. I appreciated the epilogue after all that heart-twisting I endured. I was satisfied with the ending. Randi and Jason’s sensual romance made a cloudy day a little brighter.

I’m comfortable recommending this book. I enjoyed watching Randi and Jason reach their happily ever after.

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