The Greek’s Bedroom Bargain by Joanne Walsh

The Greek’s Bedroom Bargain by Joanne Walsh
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (103 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Infuriating, arrogant, demanding. And disturbingly sexy. Those were the first thoughts Frankie had about Greek millionaire and volunteer firefighter Nik Kontarinis, but she was not going to fall prey to his seduction plans. She was on the island of Kathos to lick her wounds and figure out her next steps, not to become another notch on Nik’s bedpost.

A villa restoration project presents the perfect opportunity for Frankie to reboot her business and her life. There is only one problem–she needs a business partner. When Nik offers her an opportunity too good to pass up, Frankie is tempted to accept. Except that Nik has set his terms and there are definitely strings attached.

Will Frankie give in to temptation and play?

The novel is set in the beautiful town of Kathos, Greece. We meet Nik, a wealthy club owner who is becoming disenchanted with his current life.
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The things that make the hero happy are his brothers, running his club, being a volunteer firefighter and helping to take care of Theo, his Captain’s son. He had also had a hard childhood until he was adopted by a couple who could not have children. His brothers were also adopted from two different countries. They may not be blood brothers, but they care for each other as if they were. I liked that.

Then there is Frankie, who is staying down at Kathos visiting her mom’s friend, Allison, and her husband. She is trying to get her life back while going through a messy divorce. She helps with Allison’s business, a stray animal shelter called Kats.

Nik and Frankie meet when the hero brings a stray, wounded dog he rescued from a fire. They are instantly attracted to each other and the hero tries different ways to capitalize on that attraction. The heroine isn’t exactly taking the bait. That is until he discovers the perfect plan, and their tumultuous romance begins.

Their lovemaking is hot and their conversations intelligent but their relationship is not exactly smooth. They both have difficult histories to get past. Complicating things further, there is a subplot about a missing brother compounded by some not so great decisions on Nik’s part. The secondary characters, Allison and Theo, are also important to the story. Ultimately, it’s Allison who steps up to calm the troubled waters.

I loved the plot and the characters. It showed me that trust is one of the most important things in a relationship and talking things out before things get too bad is important. Nik is stubborn and confident in himself, but he carries a ton of guilt with him. On top of that pain is the trauma of being jilted by his childhood sweetheart. I could feel his sorrow when he realized a difficult truth. A very poignant scene that affected me was what Nik and his brothers do to honor their missing brother when they get together for drinks.

Misunderstandings and suspicions are all over the place and cause a lot of issues for the heroine; an especially easy thing to do with a manipulative secondary character who has designs on the hero. Nik has trust issues too and the author clearly shows his insecurity and how it contributes to my wondering if there would be a happy ending.

The Greek’s Bedroom Bargain teaches about forgiveness and to live life in the present and not the past. I enjoyed reading this and recommend it to other readers.

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