The Golden Chalice by Sienna Mynx


The Golden Chalice by Sienna Mynx
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Length: Short Story (140 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed By Fuchsia

The Golden Chalice has been found. But at what price? Michelle Dixon’s faith is shattered with the loss of her unborn child. She struggles to remember the reasons why she ever believed life as a jewel thief could ever bring her happiness. The truth is her belief was centered on her love for one man. But it’s no longer enough.

Though Lee Sullivan has made many mistakes, choosing love over greed isn’t one of them. Now with his enemies circling, he battles the odds for another purpose: winning back his woman’s heart.

After surviving the depths of Lee’s betrayal of her trust, Michelle decides to play one final hustle. The stakes? The love neither of them thought possible. Lee knows Michelle plots against him and he understands why. He must race against time and those determined to steal the Chalice in order to salvage what is most important to them both. And he will do it at all costs.

Win or lose, Lee’s fate is also Michelle’s. After a shocking turn of events, they discover the greatest treasure to be won—love—for it conquers all.

First let me say that this can be read as a standalone but you will not get the complete story unless you start from the beginning. The first book in the Lee Girls trilogy is The Heist, followed by For the Love of Chocolat, then finally The Golden Chalice. The first book sets the stage and introduces the characters, gives you background information, and helps you understand the relationship between the two sisters and their respective loves. The second and third book continues to flesh out the story and completely wraps you in their drama. So it would be my recommendation that you should start with The Heist.

The Golden Chalice kept me intrigued from the beginning until the end; it took me on a wild adventure and I was glued to the pages of this book. Michelle ‘Chocolat’ Dixon and her sister Sasha are the daughters of a renowned jewel thief. Sasha and Chocolat have a love/hate relationship which I understood especially because of a betrayal. Leith ‘Lee’ Sullivan is a mobster and the man that loves Chocolat but it seems that they can never find a way to completely be with each other because of one obstacle or another. The Golden Chalice has lots of action, adventure, betrayal and of course intense heat between Chocolat and Lee as well as between her sister Sasha and her drug addicted boyfriend Kumar.

As mentioned earlier, The Golden Chalice is the last book in the series, all loose ends are tied up and it also answers any lingering questions about Chocolat’s relationship with her sister and Lee. I would highly recommend this trilogy, it will keep you interested, will tug at your heart strings and have you begging for more.

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