The Golden Age of Flippin Everything by Richard Moore

The Golden Age of Flippin Everything by Richard Moore
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (47 pages)
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

One billion years in the future, Ritch Speerat seeks psychological help for his nightmares. On his way to his therapist, he meets The Hortboy. Ritch shares with The Hortboy his love of ancient history, specifically an age one billion years in the past which he calls the ‘golden age of flippin everything’. The Hortboy is charmed by this age and shares it with everyone he knows. It goes viral.

Ritch’s therapist informs him that he can end his nightmares by using The One True Law Of The Universe on his cannibal family. Ritch must retrieve The One True Law, overcoming many obstacles, and expose the source of his nightmares to its justice. Maybe his unique knowledge of the ‘golden age of flippin everything’ will help him.

On his journey, Ritch encounters giant pizza-delivering rodents, enchanted roadways, weird spells, strange magic items, golden skyscrapers, a singing/dancing army, ghastly demons, villainous cannibals, multiple One True Laws, a pot smoking dragon, and a group of frat boys, all of which come together like water in a flippin funnel.
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The Golden Age Of Flippin Everything juxtaposes: mature psychological issues with sophomoric humor, emotional abandonment with serendipitous friendship, girl parts with boy parts; you get the flippin idea.

Written with the structural vigor of a sonnet, the calculated efficiency of a computer program, and the offbeat humor of a freak, The Golden Age Of Flippin Everything is sure to enhance the golden age that is your flippin life.

What will your descendants be doing in a billion years?

The world building was marvelous. I truly felt like I’d traveled into the distant future and was attempting to understand what our descendants were like countless generations from now. Be sure to pay close attention to the footnotes, especially in the beginning. They’ll make it easy to understand everything that’s going on and slip into a world that is nothing at all like our own.

With that being said, I would have liked to see the same amount of effort put into the plot. The characters spent a lot of time cracking jokes and talking about their surroundings, but they didn’t put as much effort into pursuing their goals as I would have liked to see. While there were things they were trying to accomplish, this wasn’t necessarily the focus of their adventures. I would have gone for a higher rating if it had been.

This was a hysterical read, however! The author drew out a lot of the humor in his scenes by describing outlandish scenarios in such precise detail that I could picture them perfectly in my mind. No sooner would I adapt to one of his images than other one that was even wackier would pop up to take its place. There were no limits to what was possible in this magical world, and that made it an unforgettable experience.

The Golden Age of Flipping Everything should be read by everyone who enjoys tongue-in-cheek humor.

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