The Fireman’s Ball by Bianca Alexander

The Fireman’s Ball by Bianca Alexander
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (55 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Thistledown

He can’t fight the fire of their passion…

Courtney’s bakery is her only love—until one of the hot firefighters from the station across the street starts making a habit of coming in for her delicious treats. Justin’s always flirting, but she knows that’s just his way. Guys like him always seem to date the reed-thin anorexic types, instead of big beautiful women like her. Still, a girl can dream. But when her best friend Brittani comes in and begs her to go to the charity Fireman’s Auction, Courtney’s dream turns sour. The idea of Justin and his fellow firefighters strutting half-naked on stage so desperate women can spend hundred dollars to dance with them is completely demeaning. But Brittani’s her best friend. And Courtney’s nothing if not a good friend.

The auction is as horrible as Courtney imagined, but she manages to sit through the bidding. Until the last firefighter crosses the stage, and Courtney’s blown away by Justin’s good looks and gritty sex appeal. Maybe a charitable contribution wasn’t the worst idea in the world, after all…and maybe it was time Courtney showed Justin how hot a big, beautiful woman can burn…

What happens when a red hot fireman and a curvy baker get together? Sparks…

Courtney Anderson has some curves. She runs a bakery and loves watching the hot firemen in the station across from her. In particular, one certain sexy Justin Tacchini. A regular patron of the bakery, Courtney dreamed of him but didn’t have the confidence that he might actually be coming to the bakery for more than just a tray of muffins.

When her best friend Brittani begs her to help her out by going to a fireman auction, Courtney agrees reluctantly. She has nothing to wear-but then Brittani breaks out her secret weapon-a bag filled with shoes, a dress and the works. All Courtney has to do is show up and watch the show…but will she be able to handle the temptation of watching the guys she watches every day from her shop up on stage? You’ll have to read this juicy number to find out.

I enjoyed the premise of this book. The hot fireman and the curvy baker. Talk about an awesome combination. A good many of us curvy ladies have had experiences about dreaming of a man who we feel is outside of our reach. Such is the case with Courtney. She’s a beauty, but like most of us-she doesn’t recognize the sparkle in her own step. But Justin does.

Secret machinations and sexy dealings erupt in smoking hot sex scenes and an ending to make you sigh between the pages of your e-reader.

There were a few echoes in the book that could stand to be rubbed out with a good editing program (for example-page one has “best friend” used three times). At a couple of points the dialogue could be a little more realistic and Justin could have been fleshed out a little more. I wanted to feel the heat this fireman was throwing Courtney’s way a little bit more in the three dimensional range.

All that being said, I enjoyed this short read and it made me dream of firemen and yummy muffins and for that I heartily thank author Bianca Alexander. I hope there will be more along those lines. There are never enough books about curvy girls.

A fun and sexy read!


  1. Fireman Auction! What could possibly be better? Completely love the premise.

  2. Bianca Alexander says:

    Thank you so much for this generous and honest review! I really appreciate it.

    I do have another BBW book out–A Panther in the Shadows–and a third one, The Naughty List, coming out in early December just in time for Christmas. These are more erotic and less romance, but they’re still very body positive.

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