The Firefighter’s Mate by Jayne Ripley

The Firefighter’s Mate by Jayne Ripley
Publisher: Etopia Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (192 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Werewolves of Cadillac Falls Book One

No protection can save this firefighter from her scorching curves…

Gabriela Acosta is on the run from her past. She’s escaping back to the last place she felt happy–the town of Cadillac Falls. She has no money left, and her car just broke down in front of Fire Station Six, home of the Rescue Company Pack. The last thing she wants is to get involved in more wolf pack politics, but the man who comes out to help her is the most gorgeous firefighter she’s ever seen. And he’s a werewolf. And she can’t seem to resist his easy charm…

Luke Taylor can’t believe his luck. The beautiful, curvaceous Latina is the kind of woman who sets his dreams afire. His wolf has found a perfect mate–now if only Gabriela will back down enough to let him help her. He’s determined to prove himself to her, protect her, and claim her. She has other ideas. When her life is endangered, he discovers he may be forced to quench that fire in her that he loves, just to keep her safe.

There’s an arsonist loose in the town of Cadillac Falls…one who is targeting members of Luke’s pack for unknown reasons. The three wolf packs in town are at each other’s throats over who is setting the fires. And Gabriela might be next on the pyromaniac’s list…

The Firefighter’s Mate was a good read for me. The story was sexy, suspenseful and entertaining from beginning to end.

Gabriela Acosta left her old life and wolf pack back in Philly, returning to her fond memories in the town of Cadillac Falls. She’d been happy living there, before the family had to run away from something. Her car breaks down right in front of the fire station and a hunky werewolf, Luke Taylor, comes to her rescue. She remembers him as the younger brother of her best friend Nicole, but Luke is all grown up now, and their attraction is immediate and mutual. Luke recognizes that Gabriela is his mate, that she’s down on her luck and that he risks scaring her away. Then the situation gets complicated by a serial arsonist, rival packs and an old mystery surrounding Gabriela’s past.

The characters in this book were vivid, intriguing and life like. Gabriela was cute, funny and stubborn. She was an optimist and a dreamer who got flustered by Luke and that endeared her to me. Of course, Luke was all sexy protective alpha wolf. He made a few mis-steps but later apologized, kissed and made it all better. So it was easy for Luke to win me over. Truthfully, even if I wasn’t already interested, I’d still read the next book just to catch up with these two. As for the world building it was fantastic. This series has more than one shifter pack and promising possibilities thrown into the mix. That setup is another refreshing aspect in itself because I saw so man interesting directions this could go.

This book had a solid plot and a story that snagged my interest easily. There was a mystery which kept me intrigued, and the possibilities for the bad guys were plentiful. The writing and development were excellent. While I enjoyed all of that and the story as a whole was put together nicely right up until the end. I had mixed feelings about the ending that seemed rushed and left some situations unresolved. I recognized that the author was setting up the next book, which I have to read now, and there will most likely be a overlapping ARC to span the series. Now, I love series books so that is fine with me. However, there were some questions that really should’ve been answered in this book. As this is Gabriela and Luke’s story then I definitely was expecting to learn the who, what or reason why her father fled the town all those years ago. So ergo something was missing for me. Despite those misgivings I still got involved in the exciting story and deliciously naughty bits.

I most definitely enjoyed reading this book and look forward to Rick and Nicole in Lycan Heat.

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