The Endless Land: A Continuing Tale of Fantasy, Lies and Rebellion by Rob Gregson


The Endless Land: A Continuing Tale of Fantasy, Lies and Rebellion by Rob Gregson
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (370 Pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

The trouble with riding off into the sunset is that it very quickly goes dark.

In this, the second and final part of ‘The Written World’, Myrah and her only-sometimes-intrepid friends discover that averting wars, surviving demonic encounters and evading the clutches of determinedly genocidal relatives is no guarantee of a simpler, easier life.

Ahead of our three reluctant adventurers lie barbarians, pirates and the dark, ineffable power of the Incubus Beast. In pursuit are a rebel army, a great war fleet and a rival horde of murderous wizards. All in all, then, the future looks unlikely to be dull. There will be fire, there will brimstone and there will be occasional bouts of seasickness.

Nevertheless, if Myrah, Nev and the mighty Alaethar are ever to uncover the truth about their worryingly obscured histories, then they must press on and find their way to the remote and suitably mysterious Diegesis Gate. But seeking the truth can be a dangerous business; in a world of fantasy, there is only one Ultimate Truth and discovering it can spell the end of everything.

If you love books that are exciting, funny, and make you think, then this is the book for you. Myrah, Nev, and Alaethar try to uncover the truth about their various histories, which requires them to find the Diegesis Gate. But in the end, discovering the truth might lead to the end of their world. Still, Myrah wants to know and in a discussion with her friends about their mysterious past histories, she says, “But what if it went further than that? Not just this history but every history? What if none of it was real?” Nev, the augur, answers, “Oh, well then there are only thoughts,” put in Nev, who clearly felt as though he was on home territory with this one. “That’s all you can really know to be real.”

Alaethar is the mighty warrior with little bent for philosophy, so Nev always confuses him and Myrah frequently does as well. But they are his friends and he learns to trust them even when what they’re saying makes no sense to him at all.

And so the three friends journey onwards, finding notes and clues from their past histories, meeting lady pirates and murderous barbarians. Obstacle after obstacles come their way, but they keep going, certain that eventually they will find the ultimate truth.

The Endless Land is the sequel to Unreliable Histories, and while it can be read as a stand-alone, I personally think it is better to start with the first book. After all, who would want to miss a moment of this series. Many questions will be answered and many more left unanswered. If you have ever wondered what happened to your favorite characters after the book is finished, well, then, you’ll definitely want to join Myrah, Nev, and Alaethar as they work to discover the answer to that very question.

Fantasy lovers who enjoy philosophical mind games as well as great characters with many adventures and a healthy dash of humor are sure to fine The Endless Land to be completely delightful.


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