The Destroyer by Tara Isabella Burton

The Destroyer by Tara Isabella Burton
Publisher: Tor Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (23 pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

In a futuristic, fascistic Rome, a brilliant, unstable scientist proves that she can transcend the human body’s limitations. The test subject? Her own daughter. A mother-daughter mad scientist story, THE DESTROYER asks how far we’ll go to secure our own legacies — and how far we’ll run to escape them.

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The relationship between the unnamed protagonist and her mother was incredibly complex. I enjoyed exploring the many different layers of their bond, from what the mom was hoping her daughter would be like to who the narrator actually turned out to be once she became an adult. This isn’t even to mention all of the science fiction elements of their lives and work that also influenced how they related to each other! Ms. Burton did a great job of weaving all of these parts of their relationship together in ways that both filled out their backstories and pushed the plot forward.

There were a few aspects of the scientific experiments the main character’s mother was doing that never quite made sense to me. She described medical procedures and other advancements that are impossible in our world. While I certainly wouldn’t have expected the narrator to go into full detail about these things, it would have been nice to know a little more about how her mother figured out the obvious problems in those parts of the plot. I can’t go into more detail than this without giving away spoilers, but it is something I wondered enough about that I didn’t feel comfortable choosing the five-star rating I would have otherwise wanted to give to this tale.

With that being said, I adored the ending. The scientific possibilities it hinted might be part of our even more distant future made my brain tingle. I wished for just one more scene so that I could see how many of those hints might actually come true. It’s always fun when a story both wraps up satisfactorily and makes the audience crave more. This story struck that balance perfectly, and this is one of the biggest reasons why I gave it such a high rating.

The Destroyer was a creative vision of one possible version of humanity’s future that I’d recommend to anyone who loves wondering what the future might hold for our species.

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