The Deepest Night by Kara Braden

The Deepest Night by Kara Braden
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (277 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

When everything you love is on the line…

The Isles of Scilly off the coast of England are remote, windswept and wild. They’re the perfect place for Ray Powell to recuperate after the toughest Afghanistan mission the military contractor has ever run. Except instead of the peace and quiet he so desperately needs, he’s faced with a beautiful American woman who instantly challenges his iron control.

It’s best to proceed with caution…

Seeking her own safe haven, Michelle Cole is intrigued and flustered by the intensely compelling and irresistible man.

As their cautious friendship slowly builds into simmering attraction, their hearts and souls are about to be broken open…if they’ll allow it.

The Deepest Night is a delightful “getting-to-know-you” romantic love story. Kara Braden lures the reader in to share this remarkable time with two mature adults who both have their doubts about commitment and true love. Day by day and night by night they inch along with uncertainty, but with desires that keep them disturbingly aware of each other in the supposedly closed Bed and Breakfast on the Isle of Scilly off the coast of England. Both Ray Powell and Michelle Cole are off their home territory. However, Ray has the advantage of having spent much of his childhood on Scilly.

Michelle has self-image issues as well as being conflicted about her future. She lost her bed and breakfast during a horrific hurricane in New York and, right along with it, she learned her partner and friend had been taking money from their business all along. She’s still reeling from both disasters.

Ray, a retired Royal Marine and now the vice president of a special security agency in the United States, treads lightly. He is not a relationship-commitment person, but Michelle sets his bruised and battered body sizzling. His special skills serve him well as he navigates the land mines in Michelle’s life to get to the “real” Michelle. His phone conversations with his partner and friend Preston are revealing and often humorous. While their business is fraught with danger, their friendship sparkles with comfortable trust and good-natured teasing. Preston has no qualms about giving Ray advice about Michelle.

Michelle’s own friend Vicky is also just full of advice for Michelle about the gorgeous, dangerous-looking hunk that showed up on the closed bed and breakfast doorstep, expecting his usual welcome. The irrepressible Vicky encourages a vacation fling for Michelle who she believes over thinking the situation. Just as it looks like she might take Vicky’s advice, Eleanor, Michelle’s multi-married and divorced mother shows up for a visit. The obstacles, the maneuvering, and the humor that comes from this unforeseen visit reveal much about the characters.

Kara Braden’s charming writing style weaves in beautiful description and engages the senses while all the time pulling the reader into the intimate emotions of the hero and heroine. She writes captivating romance without a lot of extra conflicts and complications thrown in. From start to finish, The Deepest Night is a believable, enticing love story and a joy to read.


  1. Joseline Herrera says:

    Very good review:) I’m getting this story bc it sounds like something is would love<3

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