The Deadly 50/50: An Afterlife Story by Lara MacGregor

The Deadly 50/50: An Afterlife Story by Lara MacGregor
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (21 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

“When I passed on, they told me that they hadn’t seen a situation like mine in a thousand years. From the moment I crossed over, I was hoping to be blinded by bright light but wasn’t. Oddly, I wasn’t sucked into eternal darkness either.”

A woman dies and is approached by three men from Anglo-Saxon days who inform her that she is neither good enough for heaven nor bad enough for hell. They give her a task, and if she succeeds, she can move on to better things: She must steal the keys from the gatekeeper to hell.
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She takes a trip down there and discovers some interesting things about herself, and is in for a shock when she sees that the gatekeeper is her ex-lover. If she succeeds in her task, he will pay a terrible price. She is torn.

Some folks are hard to classify as any one thing.

Celestina’s personality was a wonderful mixture of different traits. There were moments when she behaved terribly and other moments when she was completely selfless and kind. Showing who she was at her best and at her worst made her feel like a real person to me. She couldn’t be pinned down as any one particular thing. This only made me more interested in seeing how the total sum of her life would be judged in the end. It seemed just as plausible for her to be sent to hell as it did for her to be sent to heaven instead!

I was confused by Celestina’s history with her ex, Vic. Their pasts were described quickly and in ways that seemed not to be chronological. Due to this, I had trouble piercing together why their relationship ended and why Vic was so angry with her when they first met up early on in the plot. It would have been helpful for their conversation on this topic to be clearer so I could better understand how they related to each other moving forward from this scene.

The descriptions of the hot, smoky place the main character ended up at after she died made me shudder. It definitely wasn’t a pleasant spot to visit. Knowing that hell was much worse than this in-between spot only made me more curious to see what would happen to the protagonist next. I couldn’t imagine her spending all of eternity in that claustrophobic room, much less anywhere where actual torture was going on.

I’d recommend The Deadly 50/50: An Afterlife Story to anyone who has ever wondered how their good deeds might be weighed against their bad ones.

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