The Cupcake Coven by Ashlyn Chase

The Cupcake Coven by Ashlyn Chase
Love Spells Gone Wrong Book 1
Publisher: Lachesis Publishing Inc
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full length (295 Pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Pretty Wiccan Rebecca Colby borrowed money from her father to start her bakery, and now he’s calling the loan due. When she learns he fell off the gambling wagon and owes big money to some scary people, she has to start making a profit—quickly—and hope the loan shark takes payment plans before anyone has an “accident.”

Hot Cowboy Dru Tanner is looking for his missing sister who left Texas to explore their New England Wiccan roots. She’s the only family he has left and losing her is not an option. Dru has to hide the fact that he’s not Wiccan long enough to infiltrate a Portsmouth, NH coven, which is the only lead he has.

Dru needs a job and a place to stay. Rebecca needs cheap help, and he’s willing to work for nothing. Perhaps he can pick her brain about Wicca and she can learn how to run a business from a ranch foreman—if lust doesn’t drive them crazy first.

A sweet but sexy read consisting of a witch with a sweet tooth and a cowboy looking for his missing sister–how can this go wrong?  Together the cowboy and witch bring the best out if each other. I loved reading every moment of it.

Rebecca is a baker and witch who starts to fall for the cowboy who enters into into her life looking for his sister.

Now Rebecca is a sweet and kind woman who loves helping people even if it may hurt her–I could completely relate to her because haven’t we all had someone we’ve cared about even though we know it could end in disaster? I loved how Rebecca came into her own–it didn’t hurt that the cowboy Dru Tanner happens along about that time, too. This is a kind if damsel in distress trope, except Rebecca is an independent woman and she can take care of herself. She’s the type of person who will be there with her friends through the thick and thin, but she’s not afraid to give her blunt version of advice at the same time. Her sassiness drew me in. I wanted to know more about her and I couldn’t help but root for her. She felt real and I liked that. Now add in Dru and it’s a great story. The passionate chemistry between Dru and Rebecca was perfect.

There was little mystery and comedy in the basic plot. These elements enhanced the story. I laughed, cried and smiled a lot while reading this book. If that was the author’s plan–to make me go through the gamut of emotions, then she hit the mark.

I have to admit, the first couple of pages started out a little rough. I think the main reason could be either the tenses or the POV, but don’t let that discourage you. It took me some time to get into the rhythm of the story, but it was well worth holding on. I”m glad I did.

This is a book for a reader with a sweet taste and love a touch if mystery, paranormal and comedy in their books. Recommended.

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