The Cowboy’s Twin Surprise by K.T. Byington

The Cowboy’s Twin Surprise by K.T. Byington
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full length (177 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

When a little surprise changes her life, Jessie McKinnon has less than nine months to figure it out. A job at Chase Tanner’s ranch seems like a good short-term fix until she can get herself settled elsewhere, hopefully before she even begins to show.

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Jessie couldn’t believe it when she bumped into her old crush, Chase, at the employment office. Even less could she believe the two adorable twin toddler girls Chase had in tow. Chase has been struggling since his sister decided she couldn’t handle being a mother to her one year old twin girls anymore and left them with Chase. He’s determined to do right by his nieces, but he hardly knows anything about caring for two small children, so meeting Jessie again seemed like sweet serendipity.

I found this to be a lovely, sweet and slow-moving romance. I enjoyed how both Chase and Jessie weren’t simplistic characters, but complicated and had a number of different layers. Even though they had grown up together and knew each other well they’d each continued along their own path – Jessie going into the big city to become a lawyer and Chase taking over his family land – and so there was still plenty the two could learn about each other as adults.

I also found a lot of comfort and enjoyment out of the plot. While not fresh or unique in any way, there’s something lovely about reading a well-known type of tale – childhood friends returning home, re-establishing the connection always burning between them, adapting and embracing the circumstances find each other in. Add in some adorable kids and adjusting to life as responsible adults and there was plenty I found to keep me eagerly turning the pages.

I could understand if some readers might be disappointed that there wasn’t anything particularly new or fresh to this story, but I believe that readers interested in a comfortable, well-written and slow paced sweet romance should find plenty here to enjoy. Even the areas of conflict – Jessie hiding a pretty important secret and the drama of inter-family jealousies – were well-worn plots but didn’t have me too concerned as a reader, knowing everything would settle down and come right. I also found the balance between the plot and conflict, and the slow-burning growth of the romance between Jessie and Chase was handled very well by the author and really sold me on how lovely this story as a whole was.

With interesting, complicated characters, a well-known storyline and plenty of interest from the cast of youngsters I found this to be an enjoyable small-town, family-orientated style of full length story and one I really enjoyed. Recommended.

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