The Christmas Star by Judith Keim

The Christmas Star by Judith Keim
Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (130 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

Two years ago, Noelle North’s then-fiancé left her waiting at the church on Christmas—her wedding day and birthday. Now, she knows she cannot endure another holiday season at home in Boston. At the urging of four women at the assisted-living community where she serves as health director, Noelle decides to rent Seashell Cottage on the Gulf Coast of Florida for the holidays. She meets Silas Bellingham, the cutest seven-year-old boy she’s ever seen, and his great-grandmother, Althea. Noelle discovers Althea’s caretaker has been abusing her and goes into action, ending up with the temporary care of both Althea and Silas. Becoming part of the Bellingham household has an entirely different series of challenges when it comes to Althea’s grandsons, Jake and Brett, who are having problems of their own with hotels to run and their parents missing in a plane crash. But after sparring with her, Silas’ father, Jake, realizes Noelle is just what he and his family need, and when she finds the perfect Christmas star for Silas, they both know he’s right.

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Ms. Keim makes her characters feel like real people. They have personalities and they respond in appropriate ways. It makes the book more fun to read and you get invested in the story quickly.

When Noelle sees the bruises on his grandmother, she sends the caretaker away. She knows the caretaker is the one who has been hitting the old woman and she’s in the same mode of work in Boston so she takes charge. Of course, Silas’s father is not pleased. She’s a stranger, what does she know about his family? Even worse, she’s given the downstairs bedroom to grandma and he was using that one. She’s a disruption to his ordered life. But when he finds out what the caregiver was doing, he’s thankful she got rid of the bad one. She helps him pick the new one.

As she sees more of him (he’s often gone because he’s managing hotels), she finds herself attracted to him. The feeling is mutual. They both agree they never want to get married again. But love doesn’t always work that way…

This is a feel good story that made me smile and the ending is perfect. Wait until you learn the secret of the Christmas tree Noelle and Simon put up. That will make you smile, too.

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