The Captain & the Squire by Eleanor Harkstead & Catherine Curzon

The Captain & the Squire by Eleanor Harkstead & Catherine Curzon
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (214 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Sex
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

A sexy city boy and a country squire will set the countryside alight!

Tarquin Bough is a tweedy squire with an ambitious fiancée who controls his every move. He’s also the owner of the finest collection of saucy artefacts in the world. From Christine Keeler’s eyelash to the Virgin Queen’s dildo, they’re all safe in Tarquin’s care.

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But Chris hasn’t reckoned on his late uncle’s will. The house comes with a sitting porcine tenant and if Chris can’t look after his newly-acquired pet pig, he’ll lose his inheritance and his last chance at happiness.

When Tarquin sees Chris it’s lust at first sight, but dare he be honest about his feelings in a village where being gay is bound to be a hot topic? As soon as Chris and Tarquin get together, it’s the hottest summer this little corner of England has ever known.

With a scheming local hotshot out to turn the beloved pig into sausages, can the captain and the squire save everybody’s bacon?

Imagine if a big inheritance is in the hands, or rather trotters, of a pig! That is what Chris Hardcastle finds out after he has already renovated the house he thought was his. Tarquin didn’t get on with his previous neighbour and is worried the new one will be just as bad as the old. Things are not as they seem though and Tarquin soon has his hands full – much to his delight.

The time period of this book is hard to narrow down. In some respects, it seems contemporary, but in others, it seems historical. Either way, this is very well written with a genteel tone and smooth pacing. There are a couple of ‘bounders’ in here that are obvious from the start but the fun is in the way the story progresses, not with figuring out who the big bad are.

This is both sweet and steamy with some erotic shenanigans going on behind closed doors. A lovely addition to the collection and definitely recommended by me.

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