The Canadian by Melissa Hosack

The Canadian by Melissa Hosack
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (86 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Upon receiving her first solo assignment, Gemma Patterson is looking for an opportunity to prove herself to her boss. What she doesn’t expect is coming up against a drop-dead sexy Canadian businessman with a bad boy attitude and an abundance of swagger.
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Gemma needs to lock down the contract her company is offering Beck, but as things between the two heat up, she wonders if she’ll be leaving Canada with a victory for her boss but leaving her heart behind.

Gemma had spent years climbing her way up the corporate ladder. Just as she’s convinced she finally was being given the chance of a lifetime, she’s given virtually no background information and sent off to Canada feeling completely at sea. Beckett Shay might be the most handsome man she’d ever seen, but Gemma is determined to seal this deal and prove to her managers she’s got what it takes.

I found this to be a mostly fun and lighthearted story. Gemma and Beck were interesting characters that I was pleased to find had different layers to them. While the plot itself was fairly simple – Gemma trying to progress her career and get Beck to sign on the dotted line once they’d hammered out a mutually-satisfying deal – Gemma and Beck’s characters and attraction made the whole story blossom and become so much more than a simple, sexy out-of-town business trip.

Readers looking for a comfortable, sexy short story should find this to be as fun as I did. While I didn’t find anything earth-shatteringly fresh or different, this is the sort of comfort-read that I love to turn to. Two interesting characters, an easily understood situation and then the romance, sexiness and attraction that follows. The plot of this story might not break the mould, but I did love the characters and found that helped the whole story to be light, entertaining and as comfortable as a favourite pair of jeans. Watching Gemma and Beck get to know each other – and exchange kisses for personal information – was lovely and helped really sell the believability of their blossoming romance to me.

Equal parts sweet and sexy, this is a fun romp of a story that I genuinely enjoyed. I’d happily try more stories by this author.

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