The Brothers’ Virgin Captive by Jenika Snow

The Brothers’ Virgin Captive by Jenika Snow
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (58 pgs)
Other: M/F/M, menage, forced seduction
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Verbena

Anna Milovich was born to be in the virgin auctions whether she liked it or not. When it’s her turn to stand on the auction block she is horrified to find out her future husband is a sadistic and cruel man. But then she is drugged and kidnapped and taken away from the only life she has ever known. She just doesn’t know if it’s a blessing or a nightmare.

Anna realizes it isn’t just one brother that has her, but two, and one of them is the only man she has ever wanted—Luca Graison. With fear of being found by her family and the man that bought her, she has no choice but to let the Graison brothers protect and take care of her. She may have always dreamed of her independence, but Anna can’t deny the comfort she feels surrendering her mind and body to the brothers.

Virgins for sale! You’re not likely to see that posted in the local newspaper. But in this strange world where Anna Milovich lives, young girls born in wealthy families are auctioned off like artwork, and usually to rich men who consider them nothing more than sex toys.

Anna knew her sole purpose in life was to please her future “husband” in any way he saw fit. I use the term husband loosely as it seems in this world, once a man purchases you, he’s your spouse and you belong to him. These poor girls don’t get a white wedding, a fancy gown, or an elegant reception. They spend several years conditioning and learning to be the perfect plaything for whomever wins their bid. On auction day, they are marched onto a stage, stripped, and basically forced to expose every intimate aspect of their anatomy to a group of horny old goats with more money than they know what to do with, and absolutely no sense of decency. Though she longed to be poor and have a choice in who she wed and ultimately gave herself to, Anna knows her place and her obligation. With head held high, she does exactly what she’s been trained to do.

We don’t really get a lot of specific details about Anna. From what I gathered, she’s a voluptuous girl with a little bit of padding, unlike many other girls her age who were thin and had small breasts. Unfortunately, this catches the attention of some bidders who had a reputation for treating their “brides” terribly. Poor Anna is destined for a very unhappy life.

Although she knows she can never have the man she wants or chooses, Anna can’t help her secret infatuation with Luca, the family chauffer. She catches him looking at her from time to time, but never dare speaks to him. If caught, they’d both be severely punished. When Luca disappears one day, Anna is saddened and misses him, but her auction date looms near and she knows her life is meant for a different path.

Luca is an even bigger enigma. We know very little about him until he reappears along with his brother to intercede in Anna’s auction. From there, the story takes quite a turn. Whisked away to a whole new life with the possibility of not only having the man she’s secretly longed for, but his older brother as well, Anna quickly blossoms into a new woman.

The Brothers’ Virgin Captive is one of those books that you just kind of have to sit back and enjoy the fantasy of it a bit, without getting too critical of the content. There were many things that didn’t make much sense to me, or even seemed logical. But in this world where young rich girls are auctioned off like cattle, I just had to accept that things wouldn’t make sense. There were times when I felt like the characters were—for lack of a better description—out of character and it made it difficult for me to accept their behavior if I scrutinized them too closely. When I quit trying to rationalize their actions and let myself just enjoy their tale, I realized that it was a likeable book. I went through a gamut of emotions and found myself rooting for not only the heroine, but some of the secondary characters as well. I did notice a few point of view violations, but nothing that really deterred from the story. Overall, I found The Brothers’ Virgin Captive intriguing. The night and day difference between Luca and his brother, as well as their approach and treatment of Anna when it came to intimacy, proved exciting and even a bit exhilarating at times. Together, they made a perfect man.

One brother thoughtful and understanding, the other strong-willed and demanding, put them together and you’re bound to have a titillating experience both in the bedroom and out. The Brothers’ Virgin Captive provides an interesting concept in a world corrupt with power, money, and sex. Anna is a hapless girl caught in the middle of her parents’ greed and the lure of money. When her trip to the auction block takes an unexpected turn, the result is an intriguing story that certainly caught me off guard and had me curious to see what happened next.

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