The Bootleggers by Kenneth L Levinson


The Bootleggers by Kenneth L Levinson
Publisher: Unical Press
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Length: short Story (23 pgs)
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Stephanotis

New Year’s Eve at a popular Denver night spot. Undercover police officers and a Denver lawyer named Adam Larsen–all pursuing the same drug dealer. Their plans go up in smoke when a bomb kills the police informant. The clock is ticking and the murderer must be identified before the stroke of midnight.

This is a quick read for mystery fans who don’t have enough time for a full novel. The action starts literally with a bang, pulling you into the story. The pacing is fast and the short story is sprinkled with lots of characters who race to beat the ticking clock.  The excitement kept me turning pages.

I haven’t read other books in the series featuring the lead character, Adam Larsen, and maybe that’s why I felt like I didn’t get to know him as well as I’d liked in this story. However, the dialogue is natural sounding as the suspense builds.  A good, fast-paced mystery for fans of the genre.

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