The Boogie Trapp by Kerry Copeland Smith

The Boogie Trapp by Kerry Copeland Smith
Publisher: Peppertree Press
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (355 pgs)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

The gloaming is near. I hear the tinkling sound of the creek and the song of the katydids as they serenade the end of the day. Suddenly I panic! What happens when it’s dark and I can’t see?

“You two boys are the last of a dying breed! Folks in this country are getting way too civilized.”
~ Sheriff Dorcey Britt-April 10, 1949

“Ain’t nobody can help ya’! Cause yo’re dead…..Ya’ hear me? Yo’re dead!”
~ Donkey Bill – April 9, 1949

“Run, Boogie, run…RUN RUN!!!”
Trapper trap – April 9, 1949

The true bonds of friendship are tested in this explosive story with that left me speechless at times.

Boogie and Trapper where known all around town for their wild and crazy antics. I immediately recognized the special bond these two had, and could understand why neighbors couldn’t tell them apart even if they looked nothing alike. Reading this story made me reflect on my own childhood and bonds I shared with my peers. The flood of emotions this story brought back to me was exhilarating and one I will not forget for a while.

The conflict and plot buildup of this story was monumental. While the storyline was a bit slow to start, once it began to pick up I was mesmerized about what would happen next with these two heroic boys. With their quick wit and intelligence I knew they would figure out a way to get out of their predicament and I was just happy I could go along for the ride with them.

This story is based on an old man writing about his childhood, but it’s also a historical story. The author had a way of transporting me to that time period with their words making me feel as if I had a front row sheet of Boogie’s life. Since this story was based on the 1940’s for the most part some of the language was a bit difficult to understand since they spoke differently than what I am use to, but I was still able to follow along pretty easily. Another aspect of the language was the vulgarity and racial slangs. There were a few occasions when I had to remind myself that unfortunately that was the mindset and language used during this time period by both children and adults alike. While Boogie and Trapper may have only been kids in the story in that time period they were almost men in their day.

What first attracted me to this story was the time-period of the story. I have read other stories based in this time period that involved a lot of racial confrontation that was common during that time. I also knew that kids in that period tended to live wild and free which I enjoy. This story did not disappoint I can say that it was truly entertaining.

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