The Black Knight by H. C. Brown

The Black Knight by H. C. Brown
Publisher: Hawt Books Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (33 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Spanking
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

England 1075—Sir Degare Aucourte is in an intolerable situation, the last thing he desires is a wife. Ordered by King William to marry an elderly Spanish countess, he must find a rouse to avoid the marriage bed. Five years earlier, he met the love of his life, the Black Knight, Alano. The deeply sensual dark angel taught him all that a man could give to another. Degare became a slave to his lover’s erotic punishment. After a month of bliss, Alano sailed to Spain. Will the Black Knight ever return to mend Degare’s shattered heart?

I was immersed in a wondrous world with this quick read. It is fast paced and the main characters endeared themselves to me early on. Degare is a strong man who sticks to his convictions. He may have to do the King’s bidding but he will find a way to turn it to his advantage. He has never forgotten his first love and never regrets his actions no matter how much his heart hurts. After so many long years he has all but given up on ever seeing Alano ever again. Yet it seems that fate just may step in and reunite the two lovers once again.

The love that Alano and Degare build is strong and never wavers. The two long to be together again but life and duties keep the two men apart for years. The one thing that Degare detest doing may be the one thing that brings him his happiness. This hot story comes with a nice romance. Each man finds just what he needs with the other. Neither forgetting the love that they share and more than ready to fight for what they want. Their love may be seen as sinful by some but the men truly love each other and that love will not be denied.

With well rounded characters and a good storyline H. C. Brown does a good job of bringing the reader into Alano and Degare’s story. I enjoyed my visit to this world and found the story flying by and over before I even realized it.

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