The Birthday Present by Sean Kerr

The Birthday Present by Sean Kerr
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (26 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Ronald feels old, washed up. As a middle aged gay man on the scene, he cannot help but wonder if his time is over. His frustrations are further exacerbated when he finds himself the victim of a group of thugs who seem to find it funny to torment him in his own home.

Ronald is planning a party, a summer celebration of his middle age, but as he begins the preparations in his hot kitchen, a Policeman turns up to question Ronald about the attacks. Over the course of the interview, Ronald comes to understand that perhaps age is just a number after all.

Ronni is baking to try and forget everything. In his mid-forties and very single, he’s reached the end of his rope when the local idiot teenagers wouldn’t quit with the homophobic abuse at his doorstep, forcing Ronni to call the local police. When Andy turns up – all six feet plus, sculpted delicious muscle of him – Ronni’s birthday will certainly be special this year.

This is a smoking hot, lovely short story. I really enjoyed both Ronni and Andy’s characters and the chemistry between them came across to me as deliciously intense. I was a very little bit disappointed in how slow the story was to start. Considering the very short word-length I usually like my short stories to jump right into the action and zoom along from there – I’m quite happy to read slower-paced stories but there needs to be the gradual build up and enough room left over to make the romance feel satisfactory to me. But this story while scorching hot and erotically written once it got moving felt comparatively quite slow for the first few pages. I understand what the author meant to do – convey a good basis for the reader to know about Ronni’s problems and situation before the steamy action began between him and Andy. I just couldn’t help but feel it was pages of missed action – both emotional and character growth between Ronni and Andy, and also I feel it would have been better spent towards the end, deepening the romance between the two men.

Once the action began, however, this story really hit all the marks for me. Steamy sex, bucket loads of chemistry and a lovely “happy for now” ending this was a glorious quick read. I actually also enjoyed the first-person narrative. These are often hit or miss with me so I was thrilled when the author’s voice really resonated with me and I found myself completely caught up in Ronni’s tale and his expressions (very British which was a thrill for me!) and the whole story just flew by in a delightful, happy breeze for me. I know this is an author I will eagerly be searching out more of as the story was a real pleasure to read.

A quick, steamy read I found this M/M to be a wonderful, naughty way to while away a bit of time. Really lovely.


  1. thank you very much for the lovely review, and for giving The Birthday Present a go!!

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