The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly


The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly
Publisher: Smashwords
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (273 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, M/M, F/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Fetish, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Self-made billionaires Zane and Trey have been a club of two since they were eighteen. They’ve done everything together: play football, fall in love, even get smacked around by their dads. The only thing they haven’t tried is seducing the same woman.

Rebecca learned early on not to trust anyone. She raised her brothers by herself—with no adult being the wiser. Her knack for cooking kept a roof over the twins’ heads. Now she’s damned if it won’t pay their way through Harvard as well. Add in running Trey’s latest restaurant, and her plate is way too full for romance.

That’s an attitude the bad boys intend to change. Zane and Trey have set their sights on the sexy chef. When their hearts enter the equation and they both fall for her, this committed twosome faces their hardest test of all!

This is a must read if a reader is looking for a book that can turn an ordinary room into a steamy sauna. Ms. Holly has once again proved why her stories are so popular and sought after by writing a romance that satisfies both the romantic within and the naughty minx hidden deeper inside.

Trey, Zane and Rebecca are the people whose lives are irrevocably changed and forged by life events they had no control over when they were kids. The author introduces a reader at the very moment in time when choices are made that set them on the path to be the people they become.

It was made brutally clear in the first chapter that Trey and Zane made a harrowing escape by trusting each other and in doing so found the means to survive and thrive. That choice of trust blossomed and when the story opens up when they’re adults in the next chapter, I was able to see how wonderfully some things have changed, and tragically, how some things hadn’t.

Rebecca’s sad story is one of accidental genius in the face of adversity. That one tiny insignificant discovery lead to a life of hard earned successes which impressed me. When her adult story starts, I meet her just when she’s about to take the next big leap of faith as she fights to get a dream job. Unknowingly, she’s about to get more than a job, but a chance at a better life – bigger and more exciting than anything she could have dreamed.

And here is where Ms. Holly excelled. In a daring move, she used the very type of scenes that she writes so well and actually makes them show the progression of the relationship. Usually, I find too many sex scenes, no matter how well written, to be a drawback and I’m left feeling like the author was lazy in deciding to let the sex do the talking. Even though there were a few too many scenes in this book for my tastes, I cannot argue their effectiveness. In every scorching hot and tantalizing escapade, the relationship that grows between Rebecca, Trey and Zane is done best while they are having sex. The author accomplished this amazing feat by upping the ante in each encounter. Every time they got together, in whatever combination was needed at that moment, pushed the envelope and made demands on the characters’ emotions, feelings and ideas of commitment and willingness to compromise.

I was treated to some very detailed and adventurous lovemaking and pretty much every kind of combo of kink was attempted. Cars, elevators, public, private, wet or dry, bound or free, it was all there to play with and it was apparent that Ms. Holly knows how to make a person squirm, hyperventilate and come back for more. I kept flipping those pages at a furious pace – or, in my case, pushing that eReader button like a fiend.

The suspense and drama comes from the poisoned snake in the garden of love. The villain was effective and believable as a person who wants to ruin a good thing out of spite, jealousy and plain old vindictive vengeance. How this person was reigned in was pretty funny. I enjoyed the whole ‘secret agent’ feel to the scene. Zane is a classy guy.

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club was a fun, delicious and delightfully naughty adventure that was almost impossible to put down. Because of the author’s slow revealing of the heroes and heroine’s inner fears, worries, and their dreams, the characters have the ability to tap into a reader’s emotions. I fell in love with them as they fell in love with each other; although I’m pretty sure they had a lot more fun than me.

Pick up your own copy and see why Ms. Holly is the queen of complicated sexual relationships. She makes it work, makes a reader care for her characters and has us loving every kinky step along the way.
I can’t wait for the next sexy adventure.

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