The Biker’s Desire by Sam Crescent

The Biker’s Desire by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (62 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Rock has watched Adele Sparks for some time now. She’s a cleaner, and there’s not one thing he doesn’t know about her. Anyone who comes to his clubhouse, he has checked out, and she’s squeaky clean. Adele’s not like any woman he’s ever known. She doesn’t try to flirt with him, nor does she judge the club. He wants the curvy cleaner, and he’s going to have her.

Adele likes Rock, the impressive Prez of the MC that she works for. She’s overheard the women talking about him and what he can do in the bedroom, but she doesn’t believe it. After all, she’s been married before, and the only orgasms she’s experienced were at her own hand.

Then Rock tells her what he wants. He wants her naked. He wants her thighs wrapped around his waist as he takes her hard. Pleasure like she has never known is within reach.

But can she keep her heart in check? After all, there’s no way a man like Rock will want forever—or will he?

Sam Crescent does it again with The Biker’s Desire, the sixth book in her fabulous Curvy Women Wanted series.

I loved the characters in this one. Rock took me by surprise. For a big bad biker he was really sweet and funny. The best thing about Rock was how he wasn’t afraid to show his feelings for Adele. Now, I always end up falling in love with the, let’s just call them anti heroes, that Sam Crescent brings to life in her books. Let’s face it, though. Most of them get off to a rocky start, but not so much with Rock. I fell in love with him on the first page. He really was my dream man. Adele was great too. She started off as a strong woman and remained that way for the entire story. I like it when the heroine knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it.

I loved how richly the characters were described in this book. It helped to give them life in my imagination. Sam Crescent kept the drama low in this well put together plot with only a few tense moments in the plot. I liked that aspect since it left more pages for the sexy times that this author happens to write so well. It’s a hot story that was engaging and very well written, as well.

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