The Bear’s Mate by Vanessa Devereaux

The Bear’s Mate by Vanessa Devereaux
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (95 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Aidan Renner’s been keeping a secret for twenty-five years. Since his father died it’s been his job to keep the shifters safe but when his brother needs urgent attention due to a stab wound, he takes him to a free clinic where previously the doctor hasn’t asked any questions.

However, there’s a new doctor in town, he is now female—and drop dead gorgeous. When she insists on taking his brother’s blood as a precautionary measure, Aidan knows he has to get it back before it’s tested and the truth about them comes to light. When he breaks into the clinic in hopes of locating it and finds it not there, there’s only one course of action. Take Charlotte out for a meal and ask her which lab she sent it to.

Charlotte doesn’t know if it’s because she’s been alone for over a year or if Aidan is as perfect as he seems, but she’s got the feeling that he could be a keeper.

Can Aidan continue to keep the shifters’ secret under wraps? And when he senses himself falling for Charlotte, can there be a future for a bear shifter and a human? Or is their relationship doomed from the beginning and could it put the shifter group in danger?

I enjoy reading shifter romance of all kinds. In fact, you might call me a shifter groupie. So I jumped right on this book about bear shifters. The Bear’s Mate is the first book in the new Kalispell Shifters series by Vanessa Devereaux. It was a quick fun read that I enjoyed a lot.

Aiden Renner is determined to keep his people safe, but then his brother’s injury puts everyone in danger. He is forced to seek medical help from the new doctor in town who doesn’t know about the shifters. Aiden finds himself irresistibly attracted to Charlotte, the new doc. He can hardly keep his mind–and paws–off her. Then there is the fact that a blood sample goes missing and he has to use Charlotte to track it down before it’s too late. Aiden and Charlotte fall hard, even as he holds onto his secrets. Of course, the truth had to come out, and yes, the author had me on edge over how long it would take Charlotte to forgive Aiden.

All in all, this was a lovely shifter romance. It had more than a few twists and turns, along with plenty of humor. I liked that it had lots of really sweet moments too. The story was well written and fast paced, and interestingly, it had a different premise than most shifter stories that I had read. When one reads as many shifter books as I do, then believe me I was ecstatic at finding a series with some refreshing new plotlines. Well, color me intrigued about these Kalispell Shifters.

I loved Aiden and Charlotte together. Their love scenes were extra steamy, just how I like them. Let me tell you, Aiden was a sexy alpha bear. The things that guy could do in bed put a big grin on my face. Charlotte was pretty cool too. She learned the truth in a shocking way, over reacted a bit, but then she got on the right track after a spell.

Her parents had always taught her that if you loved someone, truly loved them, then you’d overlook their faults and differences. Being a bear was a hell of a difference.

Oh, I am definitely hooked on this series. It has a lot of promise and I really liked the author’s writing style. I’m intrigued by Christopher, Aiden’s naughty brother. So I’m looking forward to reading his story, and to meeting some of the other shifters as well.

I liked this book and can’t wait for the next one.

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