The Bad Boy’s Biggest Mistake by Sam Crescent

The Bad Boy’s Biggest Mistake by Sam Crescent
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (119 pages)
Other: M/F, Anal Play, Light BDSM
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Vicki Burke gave herself to the Sheriff of Law Castle, Tristan Carmichael. After falling in love with the much older man she learned a startling truth, Tristan was married to another woman.

Losing the only man she loved and their baby, Vicki tries to rebuild her life in Law Castle. She stops working at the local bar and starts working for one of the Law Castle Bad Boys. But her love for Tristan refuses to go.

For longer than five years Tristan was separated from his wife but didn’t request a divorce. He never expected to get involved with another woman or to fall in love.

His life is full of mistakes but his biggest mistake was letting Vicki go. Is there a way for him to win back her trust? And can he repair the damage with a divorce from a woman who refuses to give him what he wants?

This is the third book in Sam Crescent’s ongoing biker series, The Law Castle Bad Boys. As much as I love this author’s work, I hadn’t read this particular series yet. It seems that I’ve been missing out on something good, because I really loved this book.

It was an entertaining story that really got me interested in the series. I was intrigued by the premise, and the setting, the small town of Law Castle, where the Bad Boys Biker club rules and people do their own thing and don’t judge others. I liked the characters and the story that the author told. I enjoyed the romantic conflict that drove the plot. This short novel had everything needed to keep this reader entertained until the end.

The book opens with Tristan, the sheriff of Law Castle, trying to win back the woman he betrayed. He had a romantic affair with the much younger Vicki, then he made some bad mistakes and broke her heart. But he’s been hiding some things, inevitably the truth comes out and it hurts. The fallout was heartbreaking, and he’s not sure if his lover can ever forgive him.

Vicki was way in over her head with the sexy sheriff, until she found out that he was married. She breaks things off with her lover, only to find out she is expecting his baby. Heartache follows as a violent event takes her baby, leaving Vicki alone and fighting some serious problems. Then Tristan wants back into her life. Can she ever trust him again ? Does she even want to try ?

The story had a lot of romantic conflict that kept the plot moving for this reader. It has the usual drama, lack of trust and bitter regrets. Then just as the lovers are moving forward …. Tristan’s past comes calling. Tristan’s nasty ex shows up, she has ulterior motives and isn’t about to let go. The entire plot was strewn with romantic angst, and though it took a couple of predictable turns, it kept this reader anticipating what would happen next.

I loved the characters in the story, which was surprising since I’m not really into the older man / younger woman romance. I found the story to be well written, exciting and sexy. Even more exciting were the insinuations of a BDSM relationship, though it was mostly done without the explicit scenes. The love scenes were exciting, with some anal play and light bondage. A word of warning to the discerning reader …. the love scenes were sexy and explicit.

The plot was fast paced, with an adequate back story that was told in flashbacks, and perfectly paced throughout the story. I liked the way the author told the story. By giving the back story in flashbacks, Crescent helped this newcomer to understand everything that was going on in the story, without feeling lost in a complex and ongoing series. There was great focus on the secondary characters, building my interest for the next book. I found myself intrigued with the storm that seemed to be swirling around Stefan, Kevin and Marla.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I liked the characters, the way the story was told, and the way it played out in the end. It kept me entertained the entire time I was reading. I will point out that though this is the third book in an ongoing series, I found that it works as a stand alone book just as well. It’s quite possibly one that I’ll be reading again as I intend to catch up on the books that I’d missed. So yeah …. I will indeed be recommending this book to all.

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