The Architect by C.A. Bell

The Architect by C.A. Bell
Publisher: House of Erotica
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (102 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Spanking (very light)
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

A one night stand? Not if you arrange to have another.

When Ruth Watson finally decides to break her depressive state of singleness and get back out on the social scene, the last thing she expects to happen is meet Mr Right and share a moment of passion in the middle of the buzzing city… But she does.

After meeting Heath Berkley on her first venture out after two years of hermit like existence, Ruth’s life suddenly becomes exciting for the first time. As their meetings become more frequent, and their love affair blossoms, a common interest between the pair is found.

Agreeing to explore their unveiled kinkier sides while Heath is in town on business, Ruth finds herself rapidly slipping under his spell and craving more of him.

But when their journey into the darker side introduces them to George Randall, things take a sinister turn, and when his true identity is revealed, Ruth has a hunger for revenge.

Knowing there is only one place she wants to be, Ruth follows Heath’s disciplinary hand to the Highlands of Scotland, in hope that his healing arms will squeeze the pain and devious thoughts away. At least until she has to return to London.

After her divorce, Ruth kept her head down and lived for work and the quiet of her own home. Two years down the road and she’s finally decided to get out and be social once again. She breaks her drought by going to one of London’s jazz clubs, and after a number of drinks gets flirting with Heath, a sexy, mysterious man who zings on her radar. Throwing caution to the wind, she starts up a steamy relationship with him and explores the erotically charged intimacy she’s been missing lately.

This is a fast paced, steamy novel. Very graphic and with some downright dirty language, it’s not for the faint of heart. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Ruth and Heath and their naughty adventures. I also really liked how realistic most of the story was. It lent the story an air of a girlfriend chatting to me about how she hooked up with her new man. The book is written in the first person but mostly it felt like a friend chatting to me over a nice cup of tea.

There’s quite a bit of light kink. I didn’t find any of it outrageous or really over the top. Public sex, a bit of light bondage play, teasing and light spanking (nothing too harsh) and a swingers sex club all made this book deliciously erotic, but nothing I’ve not read of before. I did find it a little strange how the author outlined and described every minute task that Ruth did (it’s been quite some time since I’ve read a story where the heroine waxes her lady parts or discusses in detail buying groceries and sexy knickers) but again, I really felt this just added to the feel of a friend confiding to me of how her recent dates have gone. It was strange, yes, but only a little bit and didn’t ruin the flow of the story for me.

I thought the conflict around the club a little disappointing – particularly Ruth’s reaction to it by trying to make Heath jealous. The miscommunication felt a bit rushed and I’m not exactly what purpose it served. Nor do I understand why the club had such an enormous build up, only for them to leave after ten minutes. I was left confused and let-down to not see more of the club or even have a proper scene where Ruth and Heath enjoyed themselves in it and did naughty things. One of the sub-plots was also left dangling and I personally don’t enjoy when some of the plot is left so open and unresolved.

Overall I really enjoyed this story. I felt an endearment to both Heath and Ruth’s characters and mostly had fun reading about their adventures and play. I think this book is naughty and spicy enough to suit most readers. I feel most readers will find this as fun, playful and spicy as I did. A fun read and a great way to spend a quiet weekend.

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