The Angel’s Fall by Rebecca Leigh


The Angel’s Fall by Rebecca Leigh
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (34 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Cactus

Archangel Michael has spent centuries watching a single soul. This Christmas season, everything changes when Michael encounters Darcy, the soul’s current host. Together, the two explore the passions that have waited lifetimes to be realized.

Sometimes a leap of faith is the only way to your destiny. Archangel Michael has been watching the same soul for a long time – months, years, decades, centuries. He’s watched it travel between men and women, all the while loving the soul more every day. Finally he can’t take the distance anymore, needing and wanting to be with the soul so very much. He’s even willing to give up his life as an angel to be with the soul. Taking the plunge though, yields unexpected results.

The Angel’s Fall is a very short story about an angel in love with a mortal. It’s well written and intriguing but definitely suffers from the length. It’s simply too short to really develop any nuanced emotion, complex characterization, or even a happy ending. Instead the short story is a good idea with some interest created but ultimately left wanting. Michael is the narrator and thus we see the story from his perspective. He is in love with this mortal soul, though we’re never told why or what leads Michael to feel so strongly. The soul, currently in a man named Darcy, is woefully under developed. He only seems to exist as a concept of love for Michael than a real person.

They seem to fall in love instantly with a bit of a vague ending. It’s more of a happy for now than a happy ever after. Having said all that, the character of Michael is affective and draws you into the story. The writing has an ethereal quality that fits the subject matter and the concepts made me want to read more. If the short story had been longer I probably would have been more satisfied. As a short, it’s quick, easy to read, and intriguing. It happens all too fast but it’s interesting and definitely kept my attention.

Short stories are tough due to the abbreviated length. This one hits the mark with a genuine longing and need, less so as a romance or erotica. It more so straddles the lines between genres and will likely appeal to those fans of angel stories. Michael is a well-known and popular figure so his struggles are also universal in some ways. Unrequited love and need is something that fits more than just angels. I enjoyed The Angel’s Fall and would recommend it for those short story readers that don’t mind a more ambiguous happy ending.


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