The Alicorn by Caroline Misner

The Alicorn by Caroline Misner
The Daughters of the Eldox, Book I
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full length (225 Pages)
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Vala Hide is an unassuming farmer’s daughter living in the Land of Nomar when a fire razes her homestead. The only thing Vala saves from the devastation is the alicorn, a gift on the day of her birth from the unicorn Sagene. She quickly learns that she is the Chosen One, destined to be the Maiden of Eldox.

The malevolent Pressor Garr runs the cult of the Divine Almighty with the blessing of the weak-willed Prince Tito. Under his fanaticism, the Land of Nomar is in danger of slipping into an age of superstition and hysteria. He realizes the alicorn could usurp his hold on the land, and he will do anything to stop Vala.

Armed only with the power of the alicorn, Vala and her father embark on the perilous journey to the Scartz Mountains and the Eldox Valley where the unicorn herd and Vala’s destiny await.

Vala Hide helps her injured father after their village is destroyed by arson. They struggle to the nearest village with only the clothes on their backs and the alicorn, a gift given to Vala on the day she was born. They are helped by the gypsies, and while they begin their escape from the village and the evil Pressor Garr, Vala learns that she is the Chosen One, destined to be the Maiden of Eldox. Vala and her father, Castor, must escape to the valley of the unicorns where Vala will learn what it means to be the Chosen One.

Caroline Misner has written a truly remarkable coming of age story. The characters are well-developed and believable. The bond between Castor and Vala is a very strong, loving bond forged over the years as Castor raised Vala by himself. His wife, Vala’s mother, died giving birth to her and he never told her of the remarkable appearance of a unicorn just after her birth. Now, as a young woman, Vala learns of her destiny. All she wants to be is a simple farmer’s daughter, but that is not to be. I really liked both Vala and Castor and their adventures are both exciting and terrifying.

Misner has a real gift for description and as she moves her characters from the village through a forest and bog and into the mountains, I could smell, see, and feel the surroundings. The action is fast-paced and Pressor Garr and his soldiers are never far behind. Vala has to find the path guided only by the alicorn, and Castor’s roll is to protect her, even though he has no training in swordsmanship. The quest for the unicorns is an arduous one, and I was right there with them the entire way.

Lovers of fantasy are sure to enjoy this exciting story which, according to the title, is the first in a new series. I read the book in one sitting, not wanting to put it down, and I really hope that the next book in the series will be published soon.


  1. Michael Crawley says:

    Caroline Misner has the freshest and clearest voice of any of the current generation of YA writers.

  2. This book is a colorful, imaginative and well written fantasy story from C. Misner. As well as being an experienced and very polished writer, Ms. Misner also possesses a great imagination that flows seamlessly into a captivating story. She knows how to capture your attention right at the beginning and she keeps you interested and emotionally involved until the last page.
    When you start reading the book, you become instantly attached to the main characters, Vala and Castor, and root and worry for them as they embark on their incredible journey. The story is a perfect balance between good and evil. On the lighter side, there are beautiful scenarios full of magic such as when Vala and Castor walk through a pear orchard, an occasional touch of humor and overall cautious optimism that the main characters might succeed. Then there is powerful Pressor Garr who not only controls the prince, ruler of the country, but is immensely ruthless and determined to get Vala and her alicorn at any cost. Who will win? It is up to you to discover.

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