The 13 of Hearts by Kay Springsteen

The 13 of Hearts by Kay Springsteen
Publisher: esKape Press
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (362 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Lin is a mother on the run from a painful and deadly past. She’ll do anything to protect her children. But a damaged marine with PTSD and a bad case of superstition threatens their safety when he grows close enough to uncover her secrets.

US Marine Pete “Rabbit” Kincaid only wants to go back on deployment, but after his most recent injury, he might not make it back into the fight. When he meets Lin Doyle, a young mother of two, he quickly realizes the fight has come to him.

Is his heart big enough to save them from her past?

Peter (Rabbit) Kincaid keeps crossing the path of Lin Doyle and her two children. Lin is a single mother with a past, who tries to remain a recluse. At first Rabbit helps because he feels sorry for her, but pity quickly turns to intrigue and an attraction he is unable to fight.

This is an excellent book. The conflict between the main characters is offset by the people at the homely B&B where Rabbit lives, and the decision they all make to help Lin fight her past. The characters are well crafted from moody Pete who is suffering post traumatic stress disorder to Lin’s son Nate who hides his mother’s secret but by doing this loses his childhood. There were warm moments, cold moments, frightening situations and imagined problems. I loved the way Lin and Pete unsuccessfully fought the feelings they had for each other and have to add that this was totally believable.

The author led me to believe I had guessed the hidden mystery of the book, but still kept me interested enough to keep reading. Thank goodness I did because I was wrong. I hadn’t been lead astray, just reached the wrong conclusion with the clues given.

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