That Night by Diane Dooley

That Night by Diane Dooley
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (44 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Lindy Hopkins works early, works late, always gets the job done and never, ever has incredible one night stands with handsome coworkers. Until that night. But it’s okay. She’s just going to keep on pretending that it never happened.

Alex Anderson never imagined that buttoned-down workaholic Lindy had the ability to transform into a table-dancing, champagne-guzzling femme fatale. Until that night. And it’s not okay that she’s been giving him the coldest of shoulders ever since.

Neither are prepared to face the other, but they have no choice. They’ve each booked the company Catskill cabin for a few days before Christmas and are both too stubborn to budge. Over mulled wine and under a blanket of snow, it’s starting to look like that night might happen all over again.

But this time Alex is playing for keeps, while Lindy is determined that no man will come before her career. Will they find that love is forever or will it be just another night to remember?

Lindy has borrowed her friend’s cabin for a few days of well-earned vacation, determined to do nothing but rest, relax and read. After unpacking and pouring herself an enormous glass of wine, she settles onto the couch with a forbidden delight – a cheesy romance novel. She’d barely begun to unwind when the cabin door bursts open and the unwelcome sight–Alex–enters. Some sort of mix up had her friend double booking the cabin – allowing him a few days vacation simultaneously with her own long-awaited rest. Unable to believe her terrible luck, Lindy tries to continue her break and ignore the sexy intruder. Sensual, frustrating images of “that night” they’d shared many months ago continue to bombard her, and Lindy knows her ignoring Alex will only work for so long before sparks fly.

I really enjoyed this book. Alex is a hoot! Smart, sexual and super-charged, he’s a wonderful hero. I particularly liked how patient he is with Lindy – who is having a hard time accepting she’d acted so outrageously on “that night” – even when she made me grit my teeth with her continual denial over their brief fling. Alex made me laugh and sigh – everything a hero should be. Lindy is more of a mixed bag. I related very well with her need for a break, her love of wine and eclectic assortment of reading material (everything from an Elanor Roosevelt autobiography to a Management textbook to spicy Greek romance novel) and while I connected with her I also never really fully understand her adamant denial of her fling with Alex. Despite a few small things like this, overall I really enjoyed the novel. Alex and Lindy have a bunch of things in common (lurid reading material included) and when they’re not trying to discuss or argue about “that night” they seem to have a lot of chemistry and work well together.

This is a slower-moving romance story but still quite steamy and sensual. There is plenty of sexual tension between Alex and Lindy. I really appreciated Alex’s patience with Lindy, especially when it came to helping her open up emotionally. There was no macho, alpha insistence or bullying – he was patient and kind, a real gentleman. In no way though was he weak – he knows exactly what he wants, but is prepared to play by the rules to get it. This is a spicy, wonderful romance story that I think will appeal to a broad range of readers. I found that the plot is interesting, the romance scenes spicy and enticing but not overly graphic or offensive. An enjoyable read I’d recommend.

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