Thankfully in Love, A Thanksgiving Anthology by Anna L. Stewart, Kayla Perrin, Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb

Thankfully in Love, A Thanksgiving Anthology by Anna L. Stewart, Kayla Perrin, Melinda Curtis and Cari Lynn Webb
Publisher: CAEZIK Romance
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

USA Today bestselling romance authors come together for Thanksgiving to tell the stories of four women who have not had the best experiences with the men they have dated in their pasts. With the help of family and loved ones this holiday season, can they learn to open their hearts one more time? If they can dare to make the leap, they could find themselves finally, thankfully in love…

There’s no place like home, especially during Thanksgiving. After spending ten years as an officer and analyst with a special division in a federal cyber-investigation, Tripp Atsila is on the brink of burnout. He returns home and meets Parker Rutledge, who changed her name and moved to a small town hoping to leave the damage her ex-husband caused behind. Now someone’s found her; someone who wants to make her pay for her ex-husband’s crimes. Can she trust Tripp? Can she trust anyone?

Miranda Cox isn’t looking forward to heading home for Thanksgiving. She’d raved to everyone that Matthew was the one; now she has yet another failed relationship under her belt. Despite working as a translator in Ottawa, and loving traveling abroad, she’s thirty-four and still single. Little does she know that a chance encounter at Union Station in Toronto with her childhood friend, Taz Morrison, will lead to a very special holiday. Is it finally their time?

Chef Drew Barnett has been hired to create the perfect Thanksgiving for a potential restaurant investor and is forced to work in the client’s guesthouse kitchen due to a power outage in the main house. Jilted bride and food critic Claire Rothchild is pet-sitting a friend’s St. Bernard in the same guesthouse. Drew doesn’t know what to make of a food critic in his kitchen, just as Claire doesn’t know how to stop interfering with his dishes and passing tidbits to a mooching pooch. Is this a recipe for a Dog-Gone Holiday? Or for love?

Born with a degenerative eye disease, photographer Kelsey Thomas knows two things: she will be blind within five years and her family wants to see her married and settled first. Then Kelsey’s boyfriend breaks up with her one week before she planned to introduce him to her family at her grandmother’s island commitment ceremony. At the resort bar, she meets Dr. Noah Lawson. He spends his life inside his lab developing cutting-edge techniques to slow the progression of vision loss. He’s been offered funding with strings—save the eyesight of a relative of a wealthy investor—but he’s reluctant to agree. Noah is smitten by Kelsey—so much so that he agrees to be her fake wedding date for the Thanksgiving holidays. Too late, he realizes her connection to his potential investor. Is this a set-up? Or fate?

There are four stories in this one book. I traditionally avoid anthologies because I have a hard time writing reviews for them. However, I saw Anna J. Stewart was one of the authors and since she’s one of my favorites, I was compelled to break tradition.

Book one: No Place Like Home by Anna J. Stewart

I can testify that the first story was amazing. I read it super-fast and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The romance story is between Tripp Atsilla and Parker Rutledge. It’s the perfect damsel in distress scenario who is saved by a gorgeous hero. Tripp Atsilla comes from a wholesome family who all love and accept Parker as one of their own.

The suspense comes from those who put Parker in danger and Tripp is more than equipped to save the day. But how he does it is worth the read.

There were several plot twists that were unpredictable and the chemistry between Tripp and Parker was sensual and breathtaking. I really enjoyed the entertainment value and consider this story totally worth my time.

Book two: Second Chances by Kayla Perrin

Second Chances was quite enjoyable. This was my first book written by Kayla Perrin and I was pleased. This love story was between Taz and Miranda. The title of this story was appropriate since that is exactly what Taz and Miranda were all about. They knew each other in the past but the timing wasn’t right then. Years later they get a second chance to make the timing right and it’s a heartwarming story. Miranda’s family was wholesome and friendly. Taz’s mom was endearing. Everyone, including myself, was cheering for Miranda and Taz to give true love a chance. It was a great read.

Book three: Dog-Gone Holiday by Melinda Curtis

This was a cute story about second chances. This plot was very similar to book two. In this one, the hero, Drew, and the heroine, Claire, knew each other in their past but things didn’t work in their favor. Apparently, they were too young to communicate the first time and honestly, they each still have personal struggles to resolve including their shaky communication skills. They were reunited with the help of Claire’s sister and a talking dog. The personal conflicts they had to deal with were Drew’s struggles to open his own restaurant, and Claire being in the midst of a divorce settlement. The talking dog was far-fetched but can be accounted for saving my attention when the characters lost it. While I appreciated the attempt at creativity and originality, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one, especially since the previous story had a similar narrative. Still, it was cute.

Book four: Love Guides the Way by Cari Lynn Webb

I’m happy to say that Thankfully in Love / A Thanksgiving Anthology ended strong with the fourth and final book. The heroine, Kelsey, is a strong leading lady and she has to be because she is going through a health scare. The hero, Dr. Noah Lawson, is Dr. Mcdreamy and has the potential to possibly help Kelsey. Kelsey’s family is overpowering but in a loving way. I loved the setting where this story took place. I felt this was a heartwarming story to remind us that life is precious and to cherish every moment. The chemistry between Kelsey and Noah is sweet. I really liked reading this one.

Overall, I enjoyed the anthology. It was entertaining to read four stories about second chances, overcoming bad dating experiences, and love and/of family during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Each book is a complete standalone read. I always like to be exposed to new authors especially since each writer has their own style which is great because no two readers are the same. If you are curious, you can find detailed plot summaries for each story on Amazon.

I’d recommend this anthology if you’re in the mood to feel that wholesome Thanksgiving spirit.

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