Ten Kisses to Scandal by Vivienne Lorret

Ten Kisses to Scandal by Vivienne Lorret
Publisher: Avon Books
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (372 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

The Bourne Matrimonial Agency has one rule: Never fall in love with the client. However, they never said anything about kissing a rake…

Briar Bourne’s matchmaking career could be summed up in two words—comic disaster. Unless she can learn about the irresistible forces that draw men and women together, her professional future looks rather bleak. But Briar has an intriguing plan—enlisting London’s most irredeemable rake to teach her everything he knows about attraction. Given his notorious reputation, it’s no surprise that Nicholas Blacklowe, the Earl of Edgemont, requests one thing in exchange for his tutelage. For every lesson, he wants a kiss in return. And what harm could there be in a simple kiss? After all, Briar would never fall for a scoundrel…

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Ten lessons. Ten kisses. And a million ways to fall hopelessly, scandalously in love.

He’s been mistreated by two women and has no intention of marrying again. She’s a matchmaker but isn’t looking for own husband. She’s planning on working and taking care of herself. But she has a really good imagination and it soon backfires on her.

This is part of the Misadventures in Matchmaking series and she’s still learning her job. Her matchmaking techniques haven’t netted any success yet. But when she meets her friend’s cousin, she recognizes where she met him before. He was the one in the carriage smooching with a lady. He offers to teach her how to read people’s actions and learn more than they write on their applications for matchmaking. She just has to pay with kisses. Since she’d never been kissed before and needs the knowledge, she agrees.

She calls him arrogant and he tells her she’s naïve. They are both stubborn and persistent and in time, it sparks a romance between them.

The story flows well, you feel bad for the main female character because her matrimony prospects keep fall through, and you want to help Nicholas understand why he likes her so much. The author does a good job with personalities and characteristics. It sounds like something people would do and it’s a down-to-earth relationship. Soon people are falling in love everywhere.

Not only do you get to follow the courtship, the author gives an epilogue to let you know everything worked out well. I appreciated that. Here’s a good old fashioned romance with not quite enough chaperones…

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