Tempting Beat by Brooklyn Ann

Tempting Beat by Brooklyn Ann
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (188 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Lavender


Bleeding Vengeance’s drummer, Roderick Powell knows he’s a sod for feeling glum, especially after moving into a beautiful new home in a smart Denver suburb. But all his mates are partnered or married, and dreadfully happy. It’s enough to make a rockstar rethink his options. And even though his sexy neighbor has given him the brush-off, he’s decided to have another go – at this point he has nothing left to lose, apart from his heart.


Gwen Mason’s romantic past has been bumpier than most – twice divorced by thirty, she’s had enough of broken promises. An ER nurse who keeps a brutal schedule, she’s happy to become known as the neighborhood crazy cat lady. But…the most delicious man has moved next door. He’s British, he’s famous, he’s a rockstar. And, hard as she tries, Gwen can’t keep Rod Powell from breaking all her rules, and suddenly she sees a future she never believed possible.

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Roderick, her new young neighbor, introduces himself and is quite the gentleman. He’s likeable right away. There is instant chemistry between the two, but Gwen has doubts and so holds back at first. Luckily, not for too long because when things get going, they get steamy. There are some bumps in the road at first though, before they become friends. When they do, they find out interesting things about each other. He has some surprises in his background and on a date tests her with some of that knowledge. He doesn’t expect her reaction.

Background information from the other books in the series is interwoven beautifully. The secondary characters are interesting in their own right and help to add insights about the protagonists.

The misunderstandings create some great tension that is resolved in satisfying ways. Gwen and Roderick are different, but they really click, and this is encouraging.

The fun they have together is charming. When their relationship heats up, some serious considerations must be faced. With their busy schedules and careers, how far should they take things? Each gives the other a taste of their world at work, inspiring each other with awe.

When Roderick gets injured, his future is at risk. When he asks for Gwen’s help, she has to weigh serious considerations against each other. Things could get tricky. But what could possibly come from their relationship? They come from such different backgrounds, and the future is so unsure.

Technically speaking, the descriptions of the music making were amazing and realistic. Also, as a bonus, readers get a peek into more serious topics such as immigration.

This story is filled with surprises, and is an exciting and realistic look into romance between unlikely mates. For those who love contemporary romances with well-developed characters and a great story line, this one is recommended.

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