Tarnished Halo by Kayden McLeod


Tarnished Halo by Kayden McLeod
(Demon Queen)
Publisher: XoXo Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (41 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Liwet is a less-than-lily-white angel, who has a chip on her shoulder just begging for someone to knock it off. She refuses to come to heel, yet the time for Liwet to play by her own rules has come to an end. Oriax comes back to his old flame, with a proposition he doesn’t want to pursue, and has no choice but to make. Dark, chilling forces beyond Liwet and Oriax’s control drag them back together and down into a rabbit hole so deep, escape is futile. The prince of the underworld wants them in his court; a request never to be taken lightly. Can the couple overcome their pasts, and find each other once more, before it’s too late to save either of them?

If you were half angel and half demon, where would your loyalties lie? Liwet, aka Li, is the Angel of inventions and inspiration, a demon/angel half-breed. Oriax, a full demon, is her ex-lover. She resents him–loathes him, actually, after what he did to her heart eons ago.

He approaches her with a command from the grand legion of demons: Oriax and Li must marry. Both parties flip out and try to get out of this.

Li has a human friend named Aythna, a witch who is greatly loyal to her, so when Li and Oriax must descend into hell to speak to the legion, Aythna wants to go along for emotional support. Trouble is brewing here. Aythna is an innocent. What will happen to her in hell? Luckily, Li is a good soul who took in three orphans, and she is strong, but how strong? Li is likeable. She faces life and her challenges.

But what of Oriax? Will he turn on the two friends?

In hell, which is described in a fascinating way, Li sees Oriax’s interesting reaction to the condemned human souls there. Her anger begins to abate. They meet the grandlegion of demons, and Li witnesses something concerning Oriax she’d never seen before. Her attitude toward him changes as she comes to a realization.

The antagonists they face are truly hideous. A battle begins…

This is a fast-moving short story and unpredictable. There is a spicy sex scene, but it demonstrates real feelings. Lovers of paranormal romances, angels and demons stories, should check out this tale.

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