Tall, Dark, and Vampire by Sara Humphreys

Tall, Dark, and Vampire by Sara Humphreys
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full length (320 pgs)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cholla

She always knew Fate was cruel…

The last person Olivia expected to turn up at her club was her one true love. It would normally be great to see him, except he’s been dead for centuries. Olivia really thought she had moved on with her immortal life, but as soon as she sees Doug Paxton, she knows she’d rather die than lose him again.

And that’s a real problem… But this is beyond the pale…

Doug is a no-nonsense cop by day, but his nights are tormented by dreams of a gorgeous redhead who’s so much a part of him, she seems to be in his blood. When he meets Olivia face-to-face, long-buried memories begin to surface. She might be the answer to his prayers…or she might be the dead of him.

True love conquers all, or so the saying goes. In the case of Olivia Hollingsworth and Doug Paxton, not even death – and a bad case of vampirism – can keep them apart. Having died centuries ago, Doug’s sudden reappearance in Olivia’s life is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that he’s seemingly alive after all these years. The curse being one of her progeny is accused of murdering a patron in the club. Will true love triumph and bring them together, or will events force them apart yet again?

Olivia Hollingsworth isn’t your average club owner, she’s also a vampire. She’s quite an interesting vampire as well. After having lost the love of her life several centuries before, she decides that no other man will ever suffice so she instead throws herself into her work. Amazingly enough, she (usually) isn’t bitter about her choices. It does get to her sometimes, seeing those around her pairing off and getting married, but she always manages to pull through it. I was happy to see her find her mate again after so long.

Doug Paxton is just your average cop… one with a fiery, redheaded vixen of a dream lover, that is. When he meets his dream woman face-to-face, he’s both astounded and curious. I really liked Doug’s character. He’s adaptable, smart, and gorgeous. In other words, he’s perfect for a woman like Olivia, who is often full of surprises, not all of which are true. He has his moments of insanity though, mostly as things are being revealed to him, but he handles the shock of a lifetime rather well, considering.

Tall, Dark, and Vampire is an enjoyable romance that brings laughter, action and a steamy love story together in one novel. The author’s style is easy to read and her voice is light and humorous. I look forward to delving into the next Dead in the City installment to see what Ms. Humphreys has in store for Olivia, Doug, and the rest of their crew.

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