Talk Of The Town by Caitlin Ricci

Talk Of The Town by Caitlin Ricci
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (35 pgs)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

After ending an abusive relationship, Julian comes back home to live with his parents and his son in a small town. Life is simple, and he’s happy about that. When he delivers groceries to Garrett he finds a grumpy blind man who just wants to be left alone, but they form a fast friendship with the promise of more.

After finally leaving his abusive ex-husband, Julien is moving himself and his four year old son, Joey, for the last time. They’re settling in Colorado and Julien is determined for them both to finally set some roots down. Can this be the fresh start both Julien and Joey really need?

This is a lovely, sweet romance about starting again and the struggles of returning home when life hasn’t turned out the way you expected. I was a little disappointed that a whole lot of the romance plot was wound up just in the last couple of pages. After such a lovely, slow, long lead up to Julien and Garrett getting together it really felt as if the relationship, unburdening themselves of their past and everything happened far too quickly – all in a rush in a couple of pages.

Readers looking for an erotic story might find this lacking in that department. There is only one intimate scene and considering the current market for erotic romance it’s very chaste (a few kisses and a little oral sex). Indeed, most of the actual sex happens completely off screen and aside from that one very brief scene this could certainly be a sweet/traditional style of M/M romance (ie not erotic or explicit at all). While I was quite happy with this – sometimes it’s glorious to read a slower paced, sensual, character-driven romance story – readers looking for an erotic story might be quite disappointed.

Most of the story though was delightful. I found it to be really rich with the characters, complicated and interesting people I enjoyed getting to know. I loved the small town feel of the story and how Julien was determined to do his best by his son but also get their new life off on the right foot. Even though the story was short I didn’t feel as if anything (except the ending) was skimped over or rushed. The slow, easy pace felt perfect to me for a small-town, character-driven story.

Full of interesting and well-written characters, with a great plot and plenty of romantic build-up, I really enjoyed this short story.

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