Talk Cowboy to Me by Carolyn Brown

Talk Cowboy to Me by Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (352 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Mistflower

One cowboy. One cowgirl. One ranch.
Who will win the Double Deuce by the Fourth of July?

Adele O’Donnell knew that Double Deuce Ranch had to be hers the second she walked onto the property. Freshly divorced, she sees it as the perfect spot for her and the kids to start a new life. Remington Luckadeau was always a carefree playboy…until his suddenly orphaned nephews became his responsibility. The Double Deuce Ranch would be the perfect place to raise two boys. But some fiery woman is fighting him for it, and Remington is not sharing-no matter how the sparks fly when he and Adele are together.

This story was an easy, relaxing read. It flowed smoothly and was well paced.  The writing style was solid. The plot was sweet with a feeling very similar to the Brady Bunch. Remi’s two nephews and Adele’s two daughters were a hoot. They were honestly entertaining. One of the daughters, Jett, made a friend who was an elderly person named, Dahlia. That was an unexpected touching thread in the story.

The synopsis teased me about the rivalry between the two main characters, Adele and Remington. Talk Cowboy to Me was all talk and not enough cowboy for me. I expected much more excitement, entertainment and tension from them as they fought over who will win the Double Deuce ranch. Adele was described as a “fiery woman” who was “fighting” him for it. “Sparks” were supposedly flying when Adele and Remi were going to be together. I’m not in agreement with the synopsis. I found it more … nice, than fiery.

The romance between Remington and Adele was strongly on the sensual side, and not spicy at all. With four kids in the house under the age of 14 there weren’t too many opportunities for the “sparks” to fly. The rivalry between Remi and Adele was actually the perfect demonstration of conflict resolution. They both only wanted what was best for their children. Adele and Remi really were a perfect match as both were responsible, capable ranchers. If a reader is in the mood for a completely predictable book from the very beginning without any dark emotional turmoil or heavy conflict, coupled with a sweet and satisfying happy ending, then this book is for you.

The truth is, overall Talk Cowboy to Me is an enjoyable book. I didn’t consider it a waste of time and I would recommend reading it for a completely stress free, smooth and comfortable ride.

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