Sweet Ness by Terra Lorin

Sweet Ness by Terra Lorin
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (243 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Gardenia

Just turned 18, sweet and innocent Ness Phillips lives with her overprotective father Paul in a secluded cabin out in the middle of Nowhere, USA. She’s been homeschooled, doesn’t drive, and only goes into town, which is 40 miles away, when her father takes her shopping for new clothes or shoes, which is maybe twice a year, if that. Otherwise, she’s a hostage in her home. Loyalty and guilt keeps her there—taking care of the cabin, keeping her father company, and giving him the emotional love he wants and needs.

20-year-old Scott Marlow happens upon their neck of the woods as he’s hiking and camping out, both looking for clues to his sister’s disappearance and getting in some R&R from his two month search. Peace and tranquility is what he sought, but a chance meeting with Ness interrupts his solitude and changes his life—and hers.

What will happen when Paul finds out that Ness has been secretly seeing the young man? What secrets is Paul hiding from his daughter that will turn her life into a nightmare?

Who knew how much you could learn about life, love and relationships just by reading romance novels? This is the case with Ness. Her father has kept her isolated as much as possible; protecting her from the hurt other human beings can bring to her life.

After all the years practically living as a hermit, Ness is lucky to find love with Scott. She is mature for her age. She has spent her life taking care of the house, her father and herself. Not until recently has she craved to expand her horizons and mingle with a world she has known through her romance novels, television and brief glimpses once a month while shopping with her dad.

Scott is searching for his sister Tonya who has disappeared without a trace. For two months he has searched for her. A chance meeting in the woods brings Scott face to face with the beautiful Ness. As if struck by lightning, he falls in love with her and his life is never the same.

As the story evolves, buried secrets and memories are unearthed, family dysfunctions are uncovered, and resolutions must be found. This is a gripping, edge of your seat love story with a thrilling undercurrent.


  1. Terra Lorin says:

    Thank you so much, Gardenia, for your wonderful review. I’m honored that you thought it worthy enough to post your review here. Much appreciated! =)

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