Stillwell by Michael Phillip Cash

Stillwell by Michael Phillip Cash
Publisher: Red Feather Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Mystery/Suspense
Length: Full Length (172 pgs)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Stephanotis

Paul Russo’s wife just died. While trying to get his family’s life back in order, Paul is being tormented by a demon who is holding his wife’s spirit hostage on the other side. His fate is intertwined with an old haunted mansion on the north shore of Long Island called Stillwell Manor. Paul must find clues dating back hundreds of years to set his wife’s soul free.

This is the third book I’ve read by this author and like the previous two this was a fun and spooky read. Mr. Cash is an author who clearly loves writing in this genre and it shows on every page.

If you’re looking for true horror than this book isn’t for you but if like me, you can’t resist a great ghost story then I think this fits the bill.

What I enjoy most about this author’s work is while there’s a meaty paranormal plot going on he doesn’t shortchange the reader with the characters. Each one is carefully crafted and the lead one is always someone you like and cheer for. For me that’s what makes paranormal and horror books so good, it’s not just me being scared, but being scared about something bad happening to a great character and that’s what this book was all about.

The pacing on this story was spot on too and I found myself reading it in just two sittings. I loved the setting and I could imagine Stillwell and the wishing well clearly in my mind. There’s nothing like an older house with a reputation of sorts to make your skin tingle.

It’s almost Halloween and if you’re in the mood for something creepy, I’d say check out Stillwell.

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