Stalking The Firedawg by Keely Jakes

Stalking The Firedawg by Keely Jakes
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (63 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Stewart never expected to become a stalker when he called for help getting a cat out of a tree, but after meeting Sergeant “Hawk” Hawkins, he can’t help himself. The firedawg is everything Stewart wants in a man.

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Will Stewart do more than deliver food to the hospitalized Hawk? Will Hawk be able to help Stewart study for his paramedic classes? Will the men ever admit their feelings for each other, or will they remain roommates with benefits for the duration of Hawk’s recovery?

Stewart can’t believe it when he unwittingly let the general’s wife’s cat escape and get stuck in the tree while he’s meant to be cat-sitting. Not even an open tin of herrings is enticing Pie to come down, and so Stewart – terrified of losing his niche clients – calls the fire brigade to come save the day. Hawk knew from the moment he met Stewart that the handsome man was his, but Hawk breaking an ankle and a wrist put a serious crimp in his plans. But both men are determined to not let a few small mishaps get in the way of their getting to know each other better.

Fast paced and with the attraction between Hawk and Stewart sizzling off the page I found this to be a fun and interesting story. Sit back, leave reality at the door and enjoy the sexy shenanigans. I enjoyed the slightly tongue-in-cheek writing of Ms. Jakes here, the humour of the story mingling well with the sexily hot Marine-fire-fighter. Neither Hawk nor Stewart were inclined to move slowly or hide their attraction to the other and this helped the pace of the story move at a good clip. There is nothing timid or shy in this story – from Hawk asking Stewart to give him a “helping hand” in the hospital (Hawk couldn’t see to his own self-care with a broken wrist) to Stewart inviting Hawk to come live with him on less than an hour of the two men knowing each other. Realism and subtlety were not strong suits in this short story and I found I didn’t care at all. The men were smoking hot together, their chemistry explosive, and for a short sexy story it wasn’t like I wanted the men to talk to each other for the whole time.

Full of sexy good fun, a few laughs and some interesting escapades, this is a quick short story that sizzles right off the page. While a part of me would have enjoyed getting to know a few of the secondary characters a little better – Stewart’s grandpa is a hoot and some of Hawk’s Marine-fire-fighter buddies sound absolutely delicious – I can’t blame the author for focusing on Stewart and Hawk, given that this is their story and there wasn’t really the page-count to delve deeper into these other interesting characters.

Sexy and hot, this is a blistering short story that I feel should appeal to many readers.

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