Spirit of the Wolf by Angie West


Spirit of the Wolf by Angie West
Publisher: Wild Horse Press
Genre: Historical, Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (52 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

In Dublin, Ireland, 1746, Madde falls in love with a shapeshifer named Conor. Before they can carry out their plan to run away and marry, fate intervenes, leaving Conor murdered and Maddie dead by her own hand. Their souls are cursed for eternity – with a twist. Conor will have three chances to undo the damage that was done and save them both.

At the turn of each century, on the anniversary of their deaths, Conor will take on his wolf form with one quest in mind – find Maddie and convince her to believe in once again, wherever she is and whoever she has become.

Maddie and Conor were sweethearts back in a past life in Dublin. Returning home to ask for her hand in marriage, they’re both terrified when Conor’s shapeshifting secret was discovered and a mob greeted them at her doorstep. Star-crossed, unknowing fear and an accident cuts short their potential life together. In the present day, Trinity lives out in her grandparent’s old cabin in the woods. One afternoon when she’s attacked by a bear, a silver wolf rescues her. Conor only has this one last shot to right the wrongs done to them, and he hopes to show Trinity/Maddie just how much he loves her.

A really interesting story, this is quite a different take on your average werewolf/shape changer kind of story. With a dash of angst and plenty of twists the author takes you on a wild ride full of adventure and passionate romance. The is plenty of unresolved sexual tension, but not a lot of explicit romance in this book – so those wanting to only dabble on the spicier side may find this a wonderful place to start. There were a few sub-plots that, while they felt a little tacked on, definitely added a depth and more dimension to Conor and Trinity’s reuniting. This short story was definitely a unique look on not just a tale of lovers finding their right time and place, but also the mythology of werewolves.

A fun and different read, this short story is definitely worth reading.


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