Speed Demon by Cynthia Sax

Speed Demon by Cynthia Sax
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (38 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Toys
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

My name is Officer Sargent, Sarge to friends and fellow police officers. You might have heard some rumors about me, but they’re all lies. I’m not gay. I’m not. The reason I watch my partner’s back is because that’s what cops do; we watch out for each other. It has nothing to do with his broad shoulders or trim hips or shapely butt.

My partner Nero is a demon, and he has a sick sense of humor, tricking me into thinking things no straight man should ever think. I’m a genetically enhanced supercop, and I can handle his devilish magic.

That is, until the unthinkable happens.

Nero is the demon who watches Sarge’s back, his partner on the police force. Sarge, a cop to his bones, insists he isn’t gay while he struggles valiantly to deny his ever-growing attraction to Nero. What will happen when they both finally give in?

This is a super short but scorching hot M/M story. I really enjoyed it and found the pace remarkably good. While we do jump into the sex fairly promptly, I felt I was introduced enough to Nero and Sarge to have a good feel for both their characters – and really in such a short story it would have been a shame to drag the introductions out and miss out on some of the delicious sex.

I would have really enjoyed if somewhere (maybe in a short author note or the blurb – just somewhere) the “Nero’s blog/Sarge’s blog” titles for each of the chapters had been explained or discussed. I feel a little left in the dark about this; was there a plot or purpose to it that I missed? Or is this just sortof like each man doing a journal entry in their own perspective? I really enjoyed seeing their coming together from both of their points of view – I feel that was really well handled and gave me a strong understanding of their characters, but admit to being a little lost and confused as to how it fitted into the blog titles for the chapter headings.

The sex between Sarge and Nero is seriously spicy. Nero lives up to his demon characteristics, not one to deny himself – or Sarge – anything. I enjoyed particularly how in a number of respects Nero allowed Sarge to believe incorrect facts, cliché’s that allowed Sarge to relax his “I’m not gay” insistence, even when the cliché’s weren’t actually true. I felt this was quite different to Nero manipulating or deceiving Sarge. I didn’t feel Nero lied to Sarge – and Nero had genuine, deep feelings for Sarge so I wouldn’t have found his being deceitful realistic to the character. But by omission, by not correcting Sarge’s preconceived notions, he actually allowed Sarge to make his own assumptions and act how he secretly yearned to. While this is certainly a fine line, I felt the author did an amazing job explaining and showing this, and it made the story far richer to my mind.

A sexy, seriously hot and explicit romp between a dazzling demon and his not-so-straight policeman partner and lover. An awesome short story I will happily reread many times to come.

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